Standard Of Practice

This document is to be used for NURS 6002 Foundations of Graduate Study to complete Assessments 1-6. Just as importantly the document serves to organize your thoughts about planning for your academic and professional success.

For specific instructions see the weekly assessment details in the course, or ask your instructor for further guidance.

Week 1 | Part 1: My Academic and Professional Network

I have identified and secured the participation of the following academic (at least two) and professional (at least two) individuals and/or teams to form the basis of my network. This network will help me to clarify my vision for success and will help guide me now and in the future.

Directions: Complete the information below for each member of your network. For more than four entries repeat the items below with details of your additional network member(s) in the ‘ADDITIONAL NETWORK MEMBERS’ section.


Name: Laurie Jenig BSN



Title:  Nursing Manager



Organization: Aurora Behavioral Health



Academic or Professional:  Professional



Why I selected this individual and/or team and how they will support my success in the MSN program and as a practicing nurse:


I selected this individual because of her leadership school. Despite the pressure at her workplace she is well coordinated and will never transfer aggression to her staff. She is a good listener and was resourceful to me during my BSN.  She thinks carefully and she has the ability to bounce idea back and forth with me