PSY 6305 Assignment 2 Create an Annotated Outline 

PSY 6305 Assignment 2 Create an Annotated Outline 

PSY 6305 Assignment 2 Create an Annotated Outline 


Definition of Nurse burnout

-The definition and significance of Nurse burnout in the healthcare field (Montgomery et al.,2021)

      B.   Prevalence of Nurse Burnout

-A description of Statistics and data that depict how widespread and common nurse burnout is (Shah et al.,2021)

      C. A Thesis Statement of the paper

         – A succinct description of the objective and goal of the literature review

Nurse Burnout: Causes and Contributing Factors

  1. The Organizational  Factors

-Description of how various organizational factors such as administrative pressure, insufficient support, and the workplace culture can contribute to nurse burnout (Bakhamis et al.,2019)

  • Psychological and emotional stressors

-An exploration of how various emotional stressors such as ethical dilemmas, traumatic events, personal problems, and patient suffering can lead to nurse burnout.

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  • Staffing Issues and Workload Problems
  • A discussion of how long work shifts, understaffing, and heavy workloads can lead to nurse burnout.

Impacts of Nurse Burnout

  1. The Financial impacts on healthcare organization

-An exploration of the financial costs connected to nurse burnout, such as lower productivity, higher turnover, and costs incurred on frequent staff training (Muir et al.,2022).

PSY 6305 Assignment 2 Create an Annotated Outline 
PSY 6305 Assignment 2 Create an Annotated Outline 
  • Professional and Personal Impacts on Nurses
  • A discussion covering career-associated consequences of nurse burnout
  • A discussion dealing with the emotional and physical consequences of burnout on nurses
  • Impact on Patient Care and Organization’s Reputation

-A description of how nurse burnout negatively affects the quality of care (Garia et al.,2019)

-An explanation of how nurse burnout negatively affects patient safety

-How nurse burnout affects the organization’s reputation.

Evidence-Based Strategies For Addressing and Preventing Nurse Burnout

  1. Organizational Interventions

-A detailed discussion of approaches used by healthcare institutions, such as support programs and improved staffing to prevent and reduce nurse burnout (Velando-Seriano et al.,2020).

  • Individual Focused Interventions

-A discussion of various self-care techniques that nurses can use to reduce burnout.

-An exploration of stress management strategies that can be used by nurses.

  • Leadership Approaches

-A discussion of the leadership roles played by nurse leaders and managers, such as formulation of supportive work to reduce burnout (Wei et al.,2020)

Implications of Nurse Burnout For Nursing Practice and Policy

  • A discussion of the implications of burnout on nursing practice and policy changes (Ezenwaji et al.,2019)
  • Why it is important to address nurse burnout.


  1. A Summary of the Key Points Discussed

-A recap detailing the major findings of the literature review conducted.

     B. Recommendations and Research Directions.

          -A comprehensive suggestion of areas for future research and the best practices that should be used to control or prevent nurse burnout.


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