PSY 105 Quiz 8

PSY 105 Quiz 8 

  • Question 1


When the demands of taking care of her ailing parents became intolerable, Allie woke one morning to find herself blind and unable to walk, though doctors could find nothing wrong with her. Allie most likely suffers from
  • Question 2


A child with __________ will have difficulty paying attention to stimuli, may show hyperactivity or impulsivity, or both.
  • Question 3


A disorder characterized by a pervasive pattern of detachment from social relationships and restricted range of emotions is __________ disorder.
  • Question 4


The risk of suicide is greatest for individuals with the mental disorder of
  • Question 5


Disturbances of an individual’s behavioral or psychological functioning that are not culturally expected and that lead to psychological distress, behavioral disability, and/or impaired overall functioning are known as
  • Question 6


Which of these people is most likely to be suffering from clinical depression?

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PSY 105 Quiz 8
PSY 105 Quiz 8
  • Question 7


The most common perceptual distortions experienced by schizophrenics are __________ hallucinations.
  • Question 8


The neurotransmitters associated with depression and mania include
  • Question 9


Without any specific warning sign, Ralph experiences intense fear of losing control and a variety of physiological reactions such as a pounding heart, chest pains, nausea, feeling dizzy, and fear of going crazy. Ralph is most likely experiencing a
  • Question 10


A disorder involving the sudden inability to recall large amounts of personally important information, usually triggered by a traumatic experience is

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