PSY 105 Quiz 1

PSY 105 Quiz 1 

  • Question 1


The availability heuristic is based on the idea that when it is __________ to recall information, we tend to __________ it.
  • Question 2


Which of the following argued that psychology should only study observable behaviors?
  • Question 3


Trying to determine the extent to which behavior is influenced by heredity or by learning involves the question of
  • Question 4


Developmental psychology focuses on
  • Question 5


Lisa is interviewing a client who seems to be suffering from depression. If Lisa is strongly influenced by the multicultural perspective, which question is she most likely to ask?

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PSY 105 Quiz 1
PSY 105 Quiz 1
  • Question 6


Participants should be assigned __________ to conditions so that all participants have a(n) __________ of being exposed to all conditions.
  • Question 7


In the survey method, the problem of __________ refers to difficulty in getting a large enough group of people that is representative of the larger population.
  • Question 8


Scientific objectivity means
  • Question 9


Which of the following is an example of an active studying technique?
  • Question 10


Psychologists who focus on unconscious processes in their study of human behavior take a __________ perspective.

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Scholarly Resources: Scholarly resources are written with a focus on a specific subject discipline and usually written by an expert in the same subject field. Scholarly resources are written for an academic audience.
Examples of Scholarly Resources include: Academic journals, books written by experts in a field, and formally published encyclopedias and dictionaries.
Peer-Reviewed Journals: Peer-reviewed journals are evaluated prior to publication by experts in the journal’s subject discipline. This process ensures that the articles published within the journal are academically rigorous and meet the required expectations of an article in that subject discipline.
Empirical Journal Article: This type of scholarly resource is a subset of scholarly articles that reports the original finding of an observational or experimental research study. Common aspects found within an empirical article include: literature review, methodology, results, and discussion.
Adapted from “Evaluating Resources: Defining Scholarly Resources,” located in Research Guides in the GCU Library.
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