PHI 413 Summary of Current Course Content Knowledge

Sample Answer for PHI 413 Summary of Current Course Content Knowledge Included After Question

Academic engagement through active participation in instructional activities related to the course objectives is paramount to your success in this course and future courses.  Through interaction with your instructor and classmates, you will explore the course material and be provided with the best opportunity for objective and competency mastery.  To begin this class, review the course objectives for each Topic, and then answer the following questions as this will help guide your instructor for course instruction. 

  1. Which weekly objectives do you have prior knowledge of and to what extent?
  2. Which weekly objectives do you have no prior knowledge of?
  3. What course-related topics would you like to discuss with your instructor and classmates?  What questions or concerns do you have about this course? 

A Sample Answer For the Assignment: PHI 413 Summary of Current Course Content Knowledge

Title: PHI 413 Summary of Current Course Content Knowledge

I understand the basics of God, humanity, and treating people with respect, which have been important in my personal and work life. I follow the Christian faith and have some knowledge of its beliefs. However, I haven’t explored much about how ethical choices relate to healthcare from a Christian perspective. I’m curious about how ethics and faith connect in this context.

I’m especially interested in how real medical situations involve both making decisions and considering what’s right. This is crucial for patient care and fits into the ethical framework of spirituality and faith. I’m excited to learn more, share what I already know, and see how these ideas apply in practical situations.

I have some knowledge from my healthcare ethics course, so I want to see how that will relate. Other than that, not too much knowledge besides my own beliefs both ethically and spiritually. I am very excited to discuss the different topics weekly and see what comes about. 

I have a scanty knowledge about most of the weekly objectives and I would like to have a discussion on all of them with my peers.

I have reviewed the weekly objectives and l do not have  much knowledge on the subject although just some general understanding of spirituality, which l have encountered during nursing .

I do look forward learning and  gaining in-depth knowledge on issues of spirituality and ethics in the medical field.

The topics discussed in this course are all new to me as I have not had the pleasure of taking an ethics or spiritual decision making class during my ADN program. I feel that I may have some prior knowledge related to death, dying, and grief. I look forward to discussing the topics that will be covered during this course and hope that I gain confidence and knowledge related to ethics and decision making. 

 I am glad to state that I have average knowledge on all the course objectives and seeking to increases my knowledge level significantly. The major question I would like to ask is how will non christian nurses perceive this course ?  

It is not entirely unfamiliar to me that the weekly goals in healthcare should take into account moral and spiritual principles.

I get that ethics is a major deal now since it acts as a moral compass for the modern world, but it doesn’t make it any less important.

It would be interesting for me to learn more about the ways in which you have integrated ethics and spirituality into your medical practice.

One of the weekly objectives that I had prior knowledge about was History and Process of Nursing Research, Evidence-Based Nursing Practice, and Quantitative and Qualitative Research Process. I however, did not have prior knowledge about Research Ethics and Evaluating Qualitative Research.

A Sample Answer For the Assignment: PHI 413 Summary of Current Course Content Knowledge

Title: PHI 413 Summary of Current Course Content Knowledge

Weekly Objectives that I have Prior Knowledge of

I have some knowledge about spirituality and ethics; I am a Christian and I am exposed to moral values that define humanity and respect for human life. Christianity emphasizes the responsibility of maintaining the relationship between humans and God. It is a journey of seeking a deeper connection with God through faith and acknowledgment of the supernatural abilities of God. Love is an essential component in Christianity; God showed human beings love by sending his son Jesus Christ to die on the cross because of the sins of humans (Rieg et al., 2018). Therefore, the Christian worldview is structured under principles of selflessness which is an essential defining attribute in spirituality.

Weekly Objectives with no Prior Knowledge of

I have a responsibility to improve my knowledge of the current philosophical challenges to a Christian understanding of ethics in healthcare. Moral principles are used in the healthcare delivery system with the primary goal of guiding the decision-making process and ensuring that the interests of patients are prioritized in the healthcare delivery process (Rieg et al., 2018). This is a selfless activity that needs a philosophical understanding to ensure that representation of other peoples’ interests does not lead to self-harm or disorientation of personal attributes.

Course-related Topics for Discussion

I would like to discuss more about the limitations of science as it relates to ethics with my classmates and my instructor. The different views of ethical underpinnings related to the application of research standards would play vital roles in enhancing my understanding of the roles of ethics in clinical studies. I would also have the opportunity to comprehend about the importance of professional competence in promoting ethical practice.


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