PHI 413 According to your worldview, what value does a human person have?

PHI 413 According to your worldview, what value does a human person have?

PHI 413 According to your worldview, what value does a human person have?

Every single one of us, in my view, has value. Humans were created in God’s likeness and are tasked with carrying out God’s plan for the planet. Everything happens for a reason, and I think that God has a purpose for everyone of us, even if we don’t recognize it or comprehend it. Individuals, in my opinion, have the right to make their own decisions. Abortion, in my opinion, may be justified in extreme circumstances, such as when the mother’s life is endangered by pregnancy difficulties or when the pregnancy is the consequence of rape. I believe that when two consenting adults participate in an action that is known to result in pregnancy and that pregnancy occurs, the result should be acknowledged and supported as a matter of principle and duty. My position, on the other hand, cannot supersede an individual’s right to self-determination, therefore I am pro-choice. Because they have an influence on human life, bioethical concerns, abortion, designer babies, and stem cell research are all contentious. The issue is whether these things are good or destructive to God’s creation of human life. I support stem cell research because studies show that this science has the potential to heal or cure a wide range of ailments. When the issue of “designer babies” is discussed in the context of reducing the possibility of birth malformations and disabilities, it looks to be a promising one. On the other side, prospective parents are emotionally and financially committed in this therapy. Because of this investment and medical science’s expanding ability to modify gender and other physical features, we risk enticing people into fantasizing about and attempting to make the “ideal kid”. Therefore, I don’t support” designer babies”.


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I consider myself a mixture of worldviews. I believe in God and a higher power, but also believe humans are the top of the food chain (White, 2020). With that being said just because you are able to be the top of the food chain doesn’t mean you should treat other living creatures badly. I also take a stance that my place in this world is not to judge others. I can be disappointed in others choices and life decisions, however it is not my place to be the judge of their decisions. They will ultimately have to answer to God for their sins. I believe abortion is wrong, however it is not my place to tell someone they are wrong. Designer babies are another topic. Genome editing to create a baby with the features you want (Player, 2020). I think it’s wrong because it’s vain, but look at social media and television today. The garbage people watch these days and the people they admire is why designer babies will end up being a reality. Stem cell research can be great for curing many diseases. Do I believe they should use aborted fetuses for stem cell research? Yes and no. If the fetus has already been aborted then I consider it on the lines of organ donation. Should babies be aborted simply for stem cell research, in my opinion is no. It is a slippery slope that I can not answer or be the judge of. I have my beliefs but like I said my purpose in life is not to be the judge of others.

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Growing up in a spiritual household as a person of faith and shaped by religion, I have been taught that human life is precious and priceless. It is also my experience that most people I have encountered feel the same way. Growing up, I was introduced to the doctrine of Imago Dei and that we have all been created in the image of God. However, as a human being filled with emotions, I cannot help but feel the contradiction and selfishness that I value the life of my family or loved one more than a complete stranger on the other side of the world. It is human nature to feel this way. My point is that although I think we are all created equal in the eyes of God, we are not perfect, and we are flawed and cannot help but value some lives more than others. In addition, as imperfect beings, we can be judgemental and not always realize someone else’s experiences and beliefs are very different than our own but of no less importance.

PHI 413 According to your worldview, what value does a human person have
PHI 413 According to your worldview, what value does a human person have

As a woman and a nurse, how I feel about controversial bioethical issues is as personal to me as I am sure it is to a patient I may have to treat. I have made personal and professional choices to reserve judgment on these controversial matters. I do not assume my values or beliefs are more important to me than those of other individuals I may encounter or treat. 

According to my worldview, I believe each and every person was created by God in His image, and our life is a gift from Him. All humans have worth and value and must be treated with dignity and respect. As a child of God, it is my calling to serve, care for, and protect His creations. “All human beings, without exception, have an intrinsic dignity and value that is to be protected in every stage of life” (Hoehner, 2020).

As a Christian, I am a firm believer in pro-life. I do not believe in using abortion as a means of birth control and/or a way out of not having an unhealthy baby. There may be situations where early termination of pregnancy to save a mother’s life may arise, but in those situations, I truly believe faith will guide them in the right direction. “Today, we must continue to fight for the personhood of each of God’s children, especially for the dignity of the unborn” (Gale, 2020). My point of view on assisted reproductive technologies is dependent on the situation. Assisted reproduction in respect to in vitro fertilization is a technology I fully agree with. Some couples may have physical problems that prevent them from conceiving naturally. In those instances, in vitro fertilization is a blessing for these couples. On the other hand, when it comes to designer babies, I do not agree with it if someone is doing it to pick the gender, eye color, or any other reason. Stem cell research has come a long way in respect to curing patients. I believe that patients that receive adult stem cells in hopes of curing their disease, improving their quality-of-life pain-free, or any other medically indicated ways of treating an illness or disease are a good thing.


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An informative post of the value a human person has according to your worldview and how your position affects your stance regarding the controversial bioethical issues of abortion, designer babies, and stem cell research. Well written elaborating on why you don’t support abortion and designer babies while offering insightful explanation behind agreeing with assisted reproductive technologies such as in-vitro fertilization for couples that may have problems conceiving naturally and supporting stem cell research regarding adult stem cells as it brings hope for those patients looking for a cure of their illness/disease for a chance at an improved quality of life. I enjoyed reading your post as it has given me some perspective concerning my own worldviews about these controversial bioethical issues. I agree as mentioned in your writing that, abortion and designer babies are not appropriate actions for us to take because it does not represent us in God’s image of His character, through faith we will be guided in the right path regarding abortion, picking the characteristics we prefer for our child is unethical, imagine the extreme side of designer babies some may take just to please themselves. I would like to elaborate further on your post by addressing the negatives/cons of designer babies. These cons include the following, safety concerns of genetic editing as it can result in dangerous diseases for the human race or even lead to premature births, stillbirths, and even natural abortion, the ethical dilemma of the unnatural works of genome editing puts us in the role of playing God, it reduces diversity among humanity, it can create a new social class of human beings, can be utilized as a genetic bioweapon, violates the innate rights of the child, and may harm the mother or affect the natural lifespan of the child (Regoli, 2019). Where do we draw the line on designer babies? Once we start this practice, the effects on the future offspring of these designer babies will last forever in the human genome until we once again decide to change it to our convenience or liking. We should not play God amongst His creations, doing so only creates an uncertain future we must wait to see the consequences of our actions.  


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My worldview towards the value of a human being is that a man and a woman’s life is so important because God is the giver of life. Therefore, since every human being is God’s creation, God has also given each person value (White, 2020). Additionally, as Bogue and Hogan (2020) explain, God has designed every human being with a specific purpose, characteristics, and abilities to understand and know what is right or wrong.

Therefore, my posture as a Christian regarding bioethical issues such as abortion, designer babies, and stem cell research is unethical and goes against my beliefs. God is the creator of life, and as mentioned earlier, God has a purpose on everyone, thus no one has a right to finished anyone’s life, thus since God gives human beings value, everybody and soul should be treated with the same love, dignity, and respect. And as Bogue and Hogan (2020) state, Jesus Ten Commandments were based by noting that “loving one’s neighbor was the first and greatest commandment (Mathew 22:37-38)”. Ethics is challenging, but rewarding (Bogue and Hogan, 2020).


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