PHI 208 Final Exam 50 Questions Set 1

PHI 208 Final Exam 50 Questions Set 1

PHI 208 Final Exam 50 Questions Set 1
Question 1. Question : Which of the following would be an idea shared both by the teacher (Kevin Kline) from the clip of The Emperor’s Club, and by either MacIntyre or Aristotle (or both)?
Question 2. Question : In Gilligan’s article, the example of Heinz involves which crime
Question 3. Question : Leon Kass argues that the primary responsibility of physicians is to:
Question 4. Question : According to Tom Regan, what is fundamentally wrong with our current system?
Question 5. Question : How have historians tended to treat typically male tendencies versus typically female tendencies?
Question 6. Question : What is Tom Regan’s main criticism of the contractarian approach to ethical duties?
Question 7. Question : According to Glaukon, justice is based on
Question 8. Question : In the video “Drones Are Not Ethical and Effective,” Jeremy Waldron argues that drones are not ethical because their use involves
Question 9. Question : Utilitarianism is a form of what broader kind of ethical theory?
Question 10. Question : According to Rachels, active euthanasia is currently:
Question 11. Question : Which of the following would be an expression of rule utilitarianism, rather than act utilitarianism?
Question 12. Question : What does Noddings say about male versus female language when opposing war?
Question 13. Question : What moral theory does Jeremy Bentham (with whom Singer seems to agree) endorse?
Question 14. Question : According to the video “Meet Your Meat”, which of the following is not
true of how animals are slaughtered on factory farms
Question 15. Question : What does Singer say about other philosophers’ attempts to argue that only humans have moral worth?
Question 16. Question : According to Rachels, many people accept the conventional doctrine because they believe:
Question 17. Question : Which of the following does not describe how egg-laying hens are treated in factory farms?
Question 18. Question : According to Kant, the moral worth of an action:
Question 19. Question : Jeremy Waldron argues that drone warfare is neither ethical or effective because it
Question 20. Question : What does Singer say about finding the basis for moral duties in the “intrinsic dignity” of humanity?
Question 21. Question : In Kant Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals, the maxim of an act is:
Question 22. Question : Thomas Nagel argues that all rules of engagement should be governed by the utilitarian principle that
Question 23. Question : Hill claims that a fruitful way to think about the badness of destroying the environment is:
Question 24. Question : Hill uses this technique in the middle of the article to examine ideas about the human’s place within nature:
Question 25. Question : Kenneth Anderson argues that the fact that drones make the resort to force easier
Question 26. Question : What does Tom Regan say is the source of inherent value in an individual?
Question 27. Question : According to Thomas Nagel’s article, “War and Massacre,” the absolutist position that creates no problems of interpretation is
Question 28. Question : If Midgley is correct, moral scepticism
Question 29. Question : Which of the following does Tom Regan say about the utilitarian approach to animal ethics?
Question 30. Question : According to Rachels, active euthanasia involves:
Question 31. Question : In Gilligan’s example, the child named Amy focuses on this aspect of the Heinz dilemma
Question 32. Question : According to Gilligan, stages five and six of Kohlberg’s analysis of moral development involve
Question 33. Question : Kant explains that respect for a person is:
Question 34. Question : Glaukon seems to think that people are
Question 35. Question : Nagel argues that the atomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were just like what other kind of action, just on a larger scale?
Question 36. Question : According to Thomas Hill’s account of environmental ethics, a person might show a lack of virtue when they:
Question 37. Question : Hill refers to the ability to understand oneself, to face oneself, and to be honest about the kind of creature one is by this term:
Question 38. Question : Michael Walzer argues that in the unique world of war, both morality and authority are
Question 39. Question : Passive euthanasia is:
Question 40. Question : What does Noddings have to say about essentialism about gender?
Question 41. Question : Which of the following does not happen in the “Meet Your Meat” to animals with diseases or injuries on modern factory farms:
Question 42. Question : In The Emperor’s Club, what best describes the teacher’s (Kevin Kline) response to his student’s (Emile Hirsch) admission of cheating?
Question 43. Question : According to the scene from The Bridge on the River Kwai, what is the ultimate reason Colonel Nicholson (Alec Guinness) insists that the soldiers work hard to build the best bridge possible:
Question 44. Question : Rachels argues that the conventional doctrine:
Question 45. Question : Which of the following are questions in the Bechdel test?
Question 46. Question : What would best express Colonel Nicholson’s (Alec Guinness) view regarding what makes a soldier, as expressed in the The Bridge on the River Kwai clip?
Question 47. Question : Which of the following does Peter Singer assert about the principle of equality?
Question 48. Question : According to Leon Kass, the drive to legalize euthanasia can be largely attributed to
Question 49. Question : Midgley analyzes the position that each society is a separate culture with its own values. This position is known as
Question 50. Question : According to Rachels, the case of Smith and Jones shows that:

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PHI 208 Final Exam 50 Questions Set 1
PHI 208 Final Exam 50 Questions Set 1


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