Pharmacology Vignette Analysis Assignment

HCS 551 WEEK 4 Pharmacology Vignette Analysis

Pharmacology Vignette Analysis

Read the Material: Pharmacology Vignette.
Complete the Material: Pharmacology Vignette Analysis Worksheet.
Write a 350-word response to each question. The use of your textbooks or scholarly sources is recommended.
Format your responses according to APA guidelines, and include a reference page.
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What are two interventions that would help this couple take the correct medications at the correct times and on the correct days?

What education should be provided to the adult children and grandchild to help them understand the importance of taking the right medications at the right times?

What could the grandchild do to help with medication management?

Would you recommend having a home health nurse visit this couple? If not, why not? If so, would one or both patients benefit? What effect do you think such visits would have?

What are some potential problems with medication management for this couple?

HCS 551 WEEK 4 Aging Body Systems Outline

Submit a 2- to 3-page outline of your Aging Body Systems project due in Week Six.
Include the following in your outline:

  • Explain your strategy for approaching and completing this project.
  • Identify tasks that need to be completed.
  • Summarize the order of topics and subtopics you will present.
  • Identify questions you will pose to the audience or other participation methods you will incorporate into your presentation.
  • Cite at least 4 scholarly sources from which you will obtain information on your disease or syndrome.

Format your references according to APA guidelines.
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