Organizational Structure


1. Obtain a chart of the administrative organization from where you work.

. If it is in a hospital, it should cover from the CEO down through the middle management or equivalent if it is another type of business.


. If it is a small business and you cannot locate a chart, then make a chart showing the relationship of the employees and the person in charge, or possibly an owner of the business.

. Scan the chart and save the file.

· Attach the chart and then describe the organization with the terms that are introduced in Chapter 12.

· If you work within the structure, describe the functionality of the system and any other observations you would like to add.

Chapter 12 – Key Terms

Be able to use the following terms and differentiate between them:

AccountabilityFirst-level managersInternal stakeholderOrganizational culture
AuthorityFlattening the organizationLegal-rational authorityParticipatory management
CentralityFormal structureMagnet statusResponsibility
Chain of commandGrapevineMiddle-level managerShared governance
Division of laborHierarchy of authorityOrganizational chartSpan of Control
External stakeholderInformal structureOrganizational climateUnity of Command

· Your paper should be:

. One (1) page

. Typed according to APA style for margins, formatting and spacing standards

. Would need an Abstract. Good reference page format, citation and APT format

. After submission, a rating of 0-15% similarity will be considered acceptable. Over 15% will not be considered acceptable.

NOTE:  Wikipedia is not a source to be used in any of the generated work; using it will result in a “zero” for the assignment.

. I need that you FOLLOW THE APA TEMPLE that I am going to attach with the assignment.

I need that you sent me also the plagiarism report.