Organizational Analysis – Shadowing Plan

Overview: Organizational Analysis

The major assignment for this course is analysis of your organization. You will study and report on its structure, processes, and nurse leaders. To get a glimpse of the roles and responsibilities of a nurse leader, meet with a BSN nurse leader at least two levels above your current position* in your organization and request opportunities to observe some of the tasks the nurse leader directs. Obviously, there are situations in which you will not be able to observe or participate in meetings or other events or tasks, but you should be able to work with the nurse leader to schedule an interview and at least three specific things to observe.

Complete this assignment to describe which organizational leader you will shadow and the plans for the experience. For verification of plans and scheduling, provide contact information of the leader with whom you will be working.

*If this is not possible, check with your Academic Coach for approval of the leader you select.


· Explain how organizations function.

· Compare and contrast characteristics of leadership and management.

· Apply trends, issues, theories, and evidence as guidelines for management decisions.

· Evaluate effectiveness of communications patterns using specific management situations.


Use this rubric to guide your work on the Module 2 Organizational Analysis – Shadowing Plan.

Shadowing Plan

(max 75 points)

Schedule interview with a BSN nurse leader at least 2 levels above current position

(25 points)

N/ANo interview scheduled

(0 points)

Detailed plan with at least three observations of leadership tasks scheduled

(50 points)

Outline of plan and schedule of observations of two leadership tasks

(35-40 points)

List of observations, but no schedule, or neither

(0-6 points)

Leader’s Contact Information

(max 25 points)

Nurse leader’s contact information

(25 points)

Contact information missing or insufficient

(6-10 points)

Contact information missing or insufficient

(0-5 point)

Shadowing Plan

In the space below, describe your plan for observing a nurse leader in your organization as the leader is engaged in leadership tasks. First, schedule an interview with the nurse leader (at least two levels above your current position) and record that date and time. Include descriptions of activities, your expected roles or behaviors as an observer or participant, and schedules of the activities. Explain the types of things you will be looking for and how you will record your observations. (Space will expand as you type.)

Please remember to send a thank-you note to the nurse leader you interview.

Nurse Leader’s Contact Information

For verification of the plan and any questions your Instructor or Academic Coach may have, please provide contact information for the nurse leader with whom you will be working. Include name, title, credentials, phone, and email.

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