Nursing Process

Nursing Process

Nursing Process

Define Nursing

What does the scope and standard of nursing do?

The ANA has recognized NANDA, NIC, and NOC as languages that meet its criteria regarding the nursing process.

Identify the benefit of standardized language and the nursing process.


Question 2Points: 1.00
The nurse gathers information to identify the condition of the patient’s health.

What does a complete assessment contain? When is a focused assessment necessary?

Identify the differences of the LPN/LVN role and the RN role in assessing and diagnosing patients.

Question 3Points: 1.00
· What is subjective data?

· What is objective data?

· How might a nurse record subjective data?

· How might a nurse record objective data?

Question 4Points: 1.00
· The patient is considered the primary source of information and is the most accurate.

· What type of sources are secondary sources?

· In what circumstances would the nurse be required to utilize secondary sources?

Question 5Points: 1.00
There are two basic methods utilized to collect data.

· What is the first method?

· What type of data is collected during the interview process?

· What is the second method?

· What type of data is collected during the physical examination?

· When does data clustering occur?

· This clustering of data assists in the identification of a nursing diagnosis.

· How can categorizing data assist the nurse in developing a plan of care?

Question 6Points: 1.00
What are NANDA nursing diagnoses?

What is the purpose of the nursing diagnosis?

Why does the nursing profession utilize nursing diagnosis and interventions?

What are the four components of the nursing diagnosis?

How is the nursing diagnosis stated to identify a problem?

Why is clarity an essential component of the nursing diagnosis?

What are contributing factors and risk factors?

What type of risk factors might increase a patient’s probability for problems?