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Post a brief description of at least one strategy you have used in the past (academically or professionally) that was advantageous in empowering you in terms of one or more of the following skill sets: planning, time management, studying, and effective technology use. Then identify a strategy that you have not yet tried and explain how this strategy may be beneficial, given your strengths and any potential areas of improvement. Be specific and provide examples.

Read a selection of your colleagues’ responses.


Read a selection of your colleagues’ responses and respond to at least two of your colleagues on two different days by suggesting at least one additional strategy to your colleague not yet selected and explain how and/or why you think it will contribute to their success as an online doctoral student.

A Sample Answer For the Assignment: NURS 8002 BLOG: LEARNING ONLINE


One strategy that I feel was very effective in helping me study was recording my professors during lectures. I would also try to look over the notes ahead of time. The recordings allowed me to go back and listen to lecture again. There were times where my brain would zone out and I would miss some of the lecture. Viewing the notes ahead of time also helped me to be more familiar with the information that was being presented. The one skill set that still trips me up would be time management. I have absolutely no sense of time sometimes.  One article suggested that there are skills that make a difference in time management success and awareness is one of those skills. “Awareness: thinking realistically about your time by understanding it is a limited resource” (Dierdorff,2020). Being aware of my time and figuring out where to place my focus might help me to improve when it comes to getting things done in a timely manner. This is a skill that I plan to use throughout my program so that I stay on top of things as I progress.

Dierdorff, E. (2020, January 29). Time Management is About More Than Life Hacks. Harvard Business Review.

A Sample Answer 2 For the Assignment: NURS 8002 BLOG: LEARNING ONLINE


Audio recording lectures can certainly give you an opportunity to review information and allow you to identify and focus on areas you might have missed. While this is generally allowed it is important to note that not only do you obtain the voice print of the professor but of anyone in the class who asks or responds to a question during this timeframe. There are times when persons who record lectures share these recordings. It is important to know that laws regarding recording and how this varies by state. Often the law legally allows for use of these recordings only by the person who recorded them. Many states are one person consent states regarding recording permission (Pantekoek, 2020). There are even laws that govern phone conversations as well (Justia, 2022). Be sure you are aware of the legality of interactions and communications in order to stay safe and keep others safe in this digital environment. Thanks for your post. Dr. M. Revell


Pantekoek, K. (2020). Is it legal to record your teachers and professors? FindLaw. to an external site. 

Justia. (2022, October). Recording phone calls and conversations; 50 state survey to an external site. 

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A Sample Answer 3 For the Assignment: NURS 8002 BLOG: LEARNING ONLINE


As a DNP student, we must be prepared to critically appraise literature to apply paramount evidence based practice in attaining the goal of improving health care outcomes. DNP students, while they possess high levels of clinical skills, often enter DNP programs with different levels of information literacy competencies, as well as anxiety about completing research-based and writing intensive assignments (Bernstein, Rodney, Kazer, & Boquet, 2020).


Planning is a skills set which consists of finding a great location place to study. Also, minimizing distractions and taking breaks can assist in the prevention of burnout. Planning entails spacing out your study time. Often planning involves time with peers and scholars, which can be very beneficial as we prep for exams and brainstorm. Most importantly, a strategy I have found helpful is rewarding yourself for the great work and goals accomplished.

Bernstein, M., Roney, L., Kazer, M., & Boquet, E. H. (2020). Librarians collaborate successfully with nursing faculty and a writing center to support nursing students doing professional doctorates. Health Information & Libraries Journal, 37(3), 240–244. to an external site.

Thank you for sharing. Yes, I agree that recordings are a great way to go back and capture lecture notes that are potentially missed. They are also a great way to review and comprehend difficult concepts.

A Sample Answer 4 For the Assignment: NURS 8002 BLOG: LEARNING ONLINE


Time management is particularly beneficial for DNP students and is a great skill for all of life’s ongoings, whether professionally or otherwise. Proper time management has been shown to decrease anxiety and help increase relationships with important undertakings individuals need to accomplish (Ghiasvand et al., 2017). According to the authors, time itself is something individuals never get back, making it one of our most valuable commodities (Ghiasvand et al., 2017).

I personally could not agree more, effective time management can increase time itself if properly utilized. Of course, not actual extra minutes to our lives but if tasks are correctly managed then we as individuals have more of our time for ourselves. In my opinion, any chance we get to increase strategies to become effective time managers will increase our school productivity, provide more opportunities to create free time, as well as help in our professional and collegiate advancement.


Ghiasvand, A. M., Naderi, M., Tafreshi, M. Z., Ahmadi, F., & Hosseini, M. (2017, January 25). Relationship between time management skills and anxiety and academic motivation of nursing students in Tehran. Electronic physician.

A Sample Answer 5 For the Assignment: NURS 8002 BLOG: LEARNING ONLINE


Thank you for sharing your post. Being able to record lectures is very helpful. Especially when you may have an upcoming test or quiz. This allows you to go back and review important content that you may have missed. Recording lectures also have its downfalls also. Students who use this option avoid coming to class. With the availability of recordings, these reasons were no longer top motivators for students to come to class, and their decision of whether to come to class involved a more complex “cost-benefit analysis (Skoglund et. al., 2020, p. 572).

However, I am glad this option has helped you in your studying. Time management skills are very important to have. Especially, in higher education programs. It helps you to be able to plan ahead and allow time to study for upcoming exams. In today’s time-dependent society, time management is a fundamental skill that is essential for carrying out daily routines and undertaking single and multiple tasks independently and with others (Holmefur et. al., 2021, p. 2). Grabbing ahold of this very important skill early will surely help you. Once again thank you for your post.


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Skoglund, E., Fernandez, J., Sherer, J. T., Coyle, E. A., Garey, K. W., Fleming, M. L., & Sofjan, A. K. (2020). Using the Theory of Planned Behavior to Evaluate Factors That Influence PharmD Students’ Intention to Attend Lectures. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education84(5), 572–581. to an external site.

A Sample Answer 6 For the Assignment: NURS 8002 BLOG: LEARNING ONLINE


Being a Registered nurse for over ten years and having worked most of those years on a medical-surgical unit with a ratio of one to five or six patients, one must learn how to prioritize patient care. I started each shift by planning on how to take care of each patient individually through the course of my twelve-hour shift.  

By planning and prioritizing, it allowed for a better workflow and better time management as the hours went by. This also helped to not feel overwhelmed and burnt out for the rest of the shift.  

Healthcare is constantly changing with the help of evidence-based practice and technology. I believe that planning and prioritization was a great help to focus on where and what are imperative to be noted by charting it in the patient’s medical record, it also gave resources that can be passed on to the patients in minutes. 

I believe that using this same strategy towards learning will help tremendously. Classes being online and at your own pace, one might become distracted and lose focus. With constant planning and prioritization which will then help with better time management and staying focused to achieve set goals.

One strategy that I have not yet tried is being part of a study group. As this will be my first online learning and at your own pace, I am somewhat nervous about missing deadlines or missing important and vital information that might be of help to one’s success.  Having some classmates to study together and to hold each other accountable will be very helpful with planning, time management, studying and also effective technology use. My plan is to see who is open to this idea that lives in the same state or whoever is open to a zoom or facetime study group.

Nice post. I concur with you that planning, and prioritization gives room for better time management. and I’ve discovered that failing to follow a time management strategy might lead to problems and the inability to finish the task at hand within a given amount of time. I had to learn this the hard way. I had a tendency to procrastinate when working on the courses and readings, assuming that I would get them done later.  Procrastination resulted from having a list of things to do but not enough time to do them. A bad habit known as procrastination has been connected to poorer grades and overall academic performance (Martinez, 2021).

To avoid burnout and maintain a healthy work-life balance, one can include breaks in his or her schedule by using time management techniques. This will also help to reduce the incidence of despair and anxiety. You can choose a plan of action by figuring out which of your duties takes up the most time and assessing whether you are devoting the majority of your time to the most crucial activities. You can plan more effectively and estimate the amount of time available for other activities if you have a strong understanding of the time needed for normal tasks (University of Georgia, 2020).


Martinez, A. J. (2021). Factor Structure and Measurement Invariance of the Academic Time

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University of Georgia (2020). Time Management: 10 Strategies for Better Time

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A Sample Answer 7 For the Assignment: NURS 8002 BLOG: LEARNING ONLINE


This class could be a big adjustment for you being your first online course. Your strategies of planning and prioritizing will help you in your journey. I have some tips in getting started. Treat this course like any “real” course. You have to have discipline in taking online courses. It is easy to procrastinate and lose focus without self discipline. I recommend a calendar to help with time management. The way you schedule, plan, and implement strategies can greatly affect your academic achievements (Ahmad Uzir, 2020). Start with syllabus and mark your calendar for major assignments that you can work on a little over time. It is important to schedule out time for study time with reading. I find it helps to do a little each day, otherwise I get bored. I use my alarm to set reminders for due dates and certain tasks. 

AS far as study groups, I think this is a great idea. I have tried it online and it is not for me. I preferred meeting in person was more beneficial for me. It is still a great way to meet others and get some studying in. It may not have worked for me but can for you. There are studies out there that show active participation with classmates helps with meeting goals (Ahmad Uzir, 2020). In groups, you can explain your thoughts and get feedback to help deepen your individual understanding. It can also build moral and keep things interesting. 

Ahmad Uzir, N. B. (2020). Analytics of time management strategies in online learning environments : a novel methodological approach.

A Sample Answer 8 For the Assignment: NURS 8002 BLOG: LEARNING ONLINE


The study group strategy can be beneficial, but it can also have disadvantages. An advantage that I saw when I have been in study groups in the past was that they made me set designated time for study and assignment completion. I had to initiate assignments and examination study time early in order to use the group as a foundation. Contributions to the study group promoted retention of information when I facilitated understanding of others through explanation. The disadvantage was that some individuals saw it more as a social gathering and contributed very little to the learning environment for group members.

There can also be individuals who dominate verbal information exchange and focus on getting their questions answered at the expense of others. The benefit of the study group strategy is certainly dependent on group members. I have been part of some awesome groups which added much to my understanding and retention. They can add much to your learning experience. Thanks for your post. Dr. M. Revell

I enjoyed reading your post. I too have not utilized the strategy of being in a study group. I had several peers invite me to study groups, but I always felt I learned better on an individual basis. Also, I was reluctant because I have had bad experiences with group projects where everyone did not pull their weight on the assignments, so I have steered away from group studies. However, Burgess et al., (2020) implied, an individual student’s understanding of knowledge is increased when they are able to actively compare and build on their own understanding in conjunction with their peers. Small group teaching provides opportunities for learners to work collaboratively and promotes team-building skills – skills that are essential to work within healthcare settings (Burgess et al., 2020).


Burgess, A., van Diggele, C., Roberts, C. (2020). Facilitating small group learning in the health professions. BMC Medical Education 20 (2). Retrieved from

First off I absolutely love your positively. I am working to toward my psych NP. I hope to utilize a few of the strategies you’ve listed, to avoid late assignments and help with time management.   I think using your I-watch is great way  to help stay on track of time management. Staying on top of school work and family life  definitely has its challenge’s.   School can definitely  be mentally and physically draining.  I agree good night sleep, good food,  and exercise will give you more energy  and reduce stress.  The support from your colleagues is such a blessing. That short of support is much needed  during a program like DNP.  I am so thankful my colleagues are supportive, it would make this program a little harder without their support. Your perseverance is a must. I believe without  it we  would be held back from so many opportunities.  Good luck in this program! Looking forward to reading more of your posts as the program progresses.