NURS 6053 Personal Leadership Philosophies

NURS 6053 Personal Leadership Philosophies

NURS 6053 Personal Leadership Philosophies

Leadership is an important skill that nurses utilize to influence others. Leaders are either born with leadership skills or learn them from their environment. Health organizations that have effective leaders demonstrate excellence in their service provision. Healthcare providers should be provided with opportunities to explore their leadership abilities. This can be achieved through interventions that include delegation and utilization of inter-professional teams. Therefore, this essay examines my leadership philosophy

My Core Values

I believe that leaders should demonstrate specific leadership values in their organizations. One of the leadership values that one should possess is respect. Effective leaders respect others. They respect the ideas, views, diversity, and backgrounds of others in their organizations. Effective leaders also value transparency. They ensure that organizational tasks are undertaken in a manner that allows scrutiny and understanding of the use of resources (Alvinius, 2017). Effective leaders also strive to make a difference in those they lead. They transform others through instilling confidence and ensuring that they develop the right knowledge and skills for their success. The last value that I believe leaders should possess is integrity (Hassmiller & Pulcini, 2020). Leaders should demonstrate integrity in the ethical decisions that they make and fulfill their promises and expectations.

Personal Mission Statement

My mission statement as a leader is to promote the growth and development in those I lead. I wish to ensure that I transform positively the behaviors, knowledge, and attitudes of those I lead. I intend to achieve this goal by recognizing their abilities and providing them the opportunities to explore them. I also intend to lead the as their example. I wish to become their role model in adopting the needed professional behaviors that contribute to their growth and development.

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CliftonStrenghts Assessment

The CliftonStrenghts Assessment revealed a number of strengths that describe my leadership abilities. The top two strengths that were identified from the assessment were that I am analytical and deliberative. People who are analytical explore situations before coming up with a conclusion. They collect facts about events to aid in the development of sound decisions. Analytical people are critical and creative thinkers. They do not consider events as they appear but seek to unearth the factors that might affect them. Analytical people also explore the existing alternatives and select one that is associated with optimum benefits to the involved parties. My other strength that became evident from the assessment is that I am deliberative. Deliberative people are careful in what they do. They are vigilant on the approaches to decision-making. They operate on the assumptions that their world is highly unpredictable. As a result, decisions should be made with a consideration of unforeseen events that might affect the situation (Grossman & Valiga, 2020). An effective use of these strengths will enable me to make ethical decisions in my leadership roles.

Developmental Plan

One of the behaviors that I wish to strengthen is effective communication skills. I wish to strengthen my ability to communicate effectively with others. I wish to learn effective communication styles that I can utilize to persuade those I lead. I also wish to learn more of the ways in which I can utilize both verbal and non-verbal communication skills to understand others better. The other area I wish to strengthen is time management. I wish to learn about the effective ways in which I can complete my tasks in a timely manner. I am always a procrastinator. Procrastination has often led to untimely completion of my assigned tasks. Therefore, I wish to explore the ways in which I can management my time effectively.

NURS 6053 Personal Leadership Philosophies
NURS 6053 Personal Leadership Philosophies

How Achieve Behaviors

The development plan that I intend to pursue to strengthen the above behaviors is enrolling for professional courses on effective communication skills and time management for leaders. The courses will impart me with the knowledge and skills that I need to be an effective leader. I will also attend seminars and training on effective leadership to build on my abilities in these areas. Therefore, I believe that an exploration of these alternatives will enable me to strengthen the above behaviors for my professional and personal development.


Leadership is an important trait for healthcare providers. Effective leadership knowledge and skills are essential for organizational success. Effective leaders understand their values and have a mission that guide their behaviors. They also engage in a regular assessment of their abilities to identify the areas of strengths, weakness, and opportunities to explore. Therefore, I will focus on addressing my leadership weaknesses to improve my abilities in leadership.


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