NUR 674 Professional Portfolio

Sample Answer for NUR 674 Professional Portfolio Included After Question

Assessment Description

The purpose of this assignment is to format a portfolio that reflects your accomplishments, skills, and professional readiness in preparation for future professional interactions.

You can enhance your professional portfolio by providing a space to show how your personal ethics and values align with the mission and vision of the organization where you desire or intend to work. Stating short-and long-term professional goals demonstrates planning and foresight to future employers while presenting a plan to achieve those goals conveys planning and strategic ability.

Include the following in your portfolio:

  • Demographics: Include your name, email, phone number, and any other relevant contact information.
  • Personal Mission Statement / Goals: In 500-750 words, describe how your personal ethics and values align with the mission and vision of the health care organization where you intend to work. Include professional goals and your plans to achieve them.
  • Education/CEUs, Certifications, and Licenses: Provide documentation of education from accredited universities and colleges, including graduation dates, and any professional certifications or licenses. If you have them, include copies of diplomas, certificates, etc.
  • Professional Organizations/Awards or Honors Earned: In addition to any awards or honors earned, list any professional organizations to which you belong and what positions you have held in the organization, if applicable.
  • Resume: A short, one-page document of your work experience, education, and professional accomplishments.
  • Examples of Work: Provide two examples of your work as either a learner or a professional. (Model of Leadership paper from Week 8 is recommended.)
  • Letters of Reference: Include at least one academic and one professional reference.

Each section of the portfolio should begin a new page.

APA style is not required for this assignment, but scholarly writing is expected.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are not required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite.

A Sample Answer For the Assignment: NUR 674 Professional Portfolio

Title: NUR 674 Professional Portfolio 

Personal Mission Statement/Goals

Nursing is a demanding profession that requires nursing professionals and leaders to work together to improve patient care. Broadly, the practice is rooted in ethical values and professionalism, and the performance of nurses is based on these values. From a practice dimension, values include an individual’s goals and beliefs that guide everyday behavior (Poorchangizi et al., 2019). Such guidance is the basis of informed decision-making. Professional ethics and values are usually shared within the organization and generally reflect the human and spiritual approach to nursing.

My ethics and values align with the mission of the health care organization where I intend to work since the foundation is compassionate and empathetic care. My core values include altruism, human dignity, and social justice. In health practice, altruism denotes the selfless concern for patients’ well-being. Accordingly, health care practitioners should use their knowledge, skills, and experience to ensure patients are healthy and happy. Human dignity is fundamental to nursing care, albeit multidimensional and complex. Despite how professionals view it, human dignity entails general respect for patients and providing care that reveres their uniqueness (Kadivar et al., 2018). In their regular practice, nurses meet patients from different cultures, social classes, and religions. Nurses who are guided by human dignity respect the human individuality in their patients and treat them as unique humans. I also believe in social justice as a core component of compassionate and empathetic care. It is primarily achieved through advocacy; nurses advocate for patients and nurse leaders ensure that nurses’ needs are addressed and nurses work in safe environments.

I look forward to working in a health care organization focused on providing patient-centered care characterized by high quality, timely delivery, and accessibility. Such care embodies compassion and empathy since the primary goal is ensuring patient needs are addressed comprehensively. Health care organizations that value patient-centered care delivery also regard altruism and human dignity. As a result, patients receive maximum support and the best care possible. Leaders and employees also collaborate to ensure health outcomes meet the individual, family, and organization’s expectations.

My professional goal is to grow and develop as a nurse professional and a leader. As a nursing professional, I will contribute positively to people’s health and well-being by ensuring they get the best care. As a nurse leader, I will be at the center of practice change and evidence-based practice implementation. Other roles include efficient resource management, guiding teams, policymaking, and other practices for achieving high patient safety and care quality. Achieving these goals will be central to personal satisfaction and maintaining people’s health at the desired standards.

Nurses and nurse leaders should have a plan for achieving their goals. I believe continuous education, research, working on my strengths and weaknesses, and developing excellent communication skills will enable me to achieve my professional goals. Continuous education while practicing will enable me to improve my skills and be conversant with health care trends and developments. Research is also crucial for health care professionals determined to improve their skills. Excellence in leadership and as a change agent requires strong communication. Above all, working on individual strengths and weaknesses will improve me overall and enable me to respond to practice changes effectively.


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