NUR 631 Summary of Current Course Content Knowledge

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Academic engagement through active participation in instructional activities related to the course objectives is paramount to your success in this course and future courses.  Through interaction with your instructor and classmates, you will explore the course material and be provided with the best opportunity for objective and competency mastery.  To begin this class, review the course objectives for each Topic, and then answer the following questions as this will help guide your instructor for course instruction. 

  1. Which weekly objectives do you have prior knowledge of and to what extent?
  2. Which weekly objectives do you have no prior knowledge of?
  3. What course-related topics would you like to discuss with your instructor and classmates?  What questions or concerns do you have about this course? 

A Sample Answer For the Assignment: NUR 631 Summary of Current Course Content Knowledge

Title: NUR 631 Summary of Current Course Content Knowledge

I have been an RN for almost 5 years and have acquired experience in different specialties such as telemetry, critical care, medical-surgical, and progressive care. My specialty mainly lies in acute care. That said, I have prior knowledge of several of the weekly objectives such as cardiovascular disorders, infectious disease processes, electrolyte and acid-base imbalances, pulmonary disorders, and dysfunction, as well GI, renal, and neurological issues. Gathering experience from working with different patient populations and pathophysiological processes has granted the foundation for the most common acute complications. I am looking forward to building on what I currently know and visualizing the pathways that will help further increase my knowledge of different clinical cases.

Some of the weekly objectives that I have no prior knowledge of would probably be more of the cellular, genetic, and developmental disorders topics as it has been a while since I reviewed them. I also believe endocrine disorders are one of my weaker spots so I know I will be spending plenty of time reviewing those processes as well. I think it is incredible how we all bring different experiences and knowledge to the table being that we all have served in similar specialties. Discussing new cases as a class regarding up-and-coming topics such as genetic testing will be interesting as well. At this time, I do not have any major concerns about this course. I cannot wait to see what we all learn throughout the next 16 weeks as we study our way to becoming practitioners.

Critical care nursing has many subspecialties, and I have been fortunate enough to work with many populations. The pathophysiology I am most familiar with is cardiac, neurology, and neurotrauma. However, even specialized ICUs require consideration and care of the every-body system and an understanding of the interconnectedness of these systems. When reading through the course topics, most of the topics are familiar. I recognize that my clinical knowledge often focuses on acute care and perhaps rehabilitation. It is also important to acknowledge that the intensive care population does not represent other groups of people with the same chronic or acute conditions. In other words, critical nursing involves seeing patients at their worst pathophysiological states. This experience skews how critical care nurses see populations and perhaps shields them from how patients and practitioners manage these conditions outside the critical care setting.

This cohort has many students with different goals and paths. I look forward to discussing new and known information and gaining insight from our class.


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A Sample Answer 2 For the Assignment: NUR 631 Summary of Current Course Content Knowledge

Title: NUR 631 Summary of Current Course Content Knowledge

Hello. The objectives I have some prior knowledge of are, endocrine, neuro, cardiovascular, GI, renal and musculoskeletal, which were topics I remember covering in nursing school. The topics I have limited knowledge of are, cellular changes, immune system, infection and disease, fluid balance and electrolyte acid-base. I am looking forward to discussing, mental health and addiction, hematologic system and cancer, along with cardiovascular functions in adults and peds. My main concern in this class will be time management. We have so much to cover, however, I know it will just take focus and commitment.

I have been practicing as a bedside nurse for more than ten years now. I have diversified my experience to gain skills for most nursing specialties, such as working in the Emergency Department, Stroke Unit, OR, Out-patient, ICU, Med-Surg Telemetry, Orthopedics, Psychiatric unit, Elderly unit, and a community birthing center. The combined experience started when I earned my BSN in the Philippines, then to an international nursing journey in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The United Kingdom, Greater London, and finally here in the USA.

I also had some experience in non-clinical but related to Healthcare Insurance as an appeals representative in the medical necessity case review.

Reviewing the weekly objectives of this course, I had prior knowledge of most of the topics at a comfortable level. However, I wanted to have an in-depth understanding of complex cases related to neurology and auto-immune diseases. I also wanted to discuss these further with the instructor and classmates.

Mental health was an area of nursing and medicine that I never had any interest in and an area I thought I would never work. But, as life would have it, it’s now an area that I have found a love for. Like most things, psych was something I did not truly understand. After working in an ED setting, I transitioned into psych-nursing and I could not be more happy.

I have minimal knowledge of cellular changes, genetic and developmental disorders. This is an area I have no experience. I’m sure we all had some introduction while in nursing school- none of which I really remember enough to be competent.

I would love to dive in to and discuss immune system, infection, disease and environmental disorders. This area fascinates me. There is so much to be studied on these topics.

Be well. Stay healthy and safe.