NUR 630 Topic 8 DQ 2

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The concept of a just culture has a number of key elements. Choose the two elements that you feel are the most difficult to achieve and provide one strategy for each that will make them achievable.

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Define two elements of Just Culture that you feel are critical to transparency; provide rationale.

A Sample Answer For the Assignment: NUR 630 Topic 8 DQ 2

Title: NUR 630 Topic 8 DQ 2

Patient safety requires using the appropriate quality initiatives to help in attaining the desired health outcomes. A stable performance in the health industry require focusing on just culture in a hospital. A just culture requires focusing on fairness in the hospital in reducing cases of resistance in the healthcare industry. A long term success in the health industry require discovering the appropriate methods to ensure that there is just culture for the different stakeholders. Just culture is essential in making sure that the different employees remain responsibility and the employees are not blamed for other people actions. Just culture makes the processes in the organization more open and transparent in prioritizing effective care for the patients (Paradiso et al., 2019). Just culture in an organization helps in increasing the safety of patients by dealing with the wrong actions and cases of discrimination. Workplace satisfaction increases by using a just culture in a health care organization.

The elements that makes it hard to achieve just culture in an organization are human errors and complex policies. It is essential for an organization to identify the appropriate methods to use in increasing the quality of care for the community. Human errors in a healthcare organization makes it difficult to attain the just culture for an organization. It is essential in address the human errors in increasing the fairness in a hospital. The complex policies in an organization makes it hard to attain the necessary fairness in an organization. An organization needs to focus on dealing with complex policies for a stable performance in the health industry. The strategies to use in handling the difficult elements are empowering of employees. The empowerment of employees helps in increasing patient safety by maintaining a just culture in the work environment (Kim et al., 2021). The embracing of a just culture and empowering of nurses helps in increasing patient safety.


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A Sample Answer 2 For the Assignment: NUR 630 Topic 8 DQ 2

Title: NUR 630 Topic 8 DQ 2

Just culture in healthcare refers to a system of shared accountability between the organization and the employees.  As both share in the accountability of the designing, implementing as well as the support of a safer system to ensure safe practice within the organization (Just Culture, 2023).

Two elements of just culture that are the most difficult to achieve no matter the organization are; learning from mistakes vs. blaming individuals as well as

managing behavioral choices such as human error, at-risk behavior, reckless behavior. The first element is difficult to achieve as often times learning from ones mistakes only happened if the individual recognizes the mistakes they have made. This can happen only when leaders or managers take a step back to look at the whole picture and refrain from casting blame. By doing so this allows all involved to recognize the errors and then they can begin to work on a plan of correction. This element is often difficult to achieve as it is hard for many of us to admit to our short comings which lead to errors. Working with the staff and how we approached the situation is a vital step for the management team as this sets the tone for what follows. 

This also holds true for managing behavioral choices. By identifying a behavior that can lead to errors or unsafe practice, we then begin to retrain and reeducate to develop positive behaviors. However often this is a difficult task to achieve. In my experience I have witnessed seasoned nurse who are “set in their ways” and with that said, they tend to become comfortable in their routines and errors occur. Working with the staff may be a challenge as they often feel that what they are doing works for them, however it does not work for the practice and safety of the patients. By making the staff accountable and empowering them to be actively involved in the change process, success and sustainability can be achieved (Allyn, 2019).


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