NU 665B Week 2 Assignment 2: QBank REGIS

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Value: 100 points

Due: Day 7

Gradebook Category: Discussions/Quizzes – QBank

Please navigate to your APEA learning portal and complete a 20-question practice quiz related to the body system/topics covered this week. You may choose whichever test mode you like. You may complete as many 20-question quizzes as you like to improve your score (and your knowledge!). Once you are satisfied with your score, please take a screenshot of the quiz score you would like to count and submit to the Moodle drop box.

Please be sure the following are visible in your screenshot:

  1. Your name
  2. Date (must be completed in the week it is due)
  3. Number of questions completed
  4. Topics questions came from
  5. Overall score

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  3. Select Save Changes.

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