NT 2640 Final Exam Answers (ITT Tech)

NT 2640 Final Exam Answers (ITT Tech)

NT 2640 Final Exam Answers (ITT Tech)
This option correctly describes the port security feature found on Cisco switches.

a. Provides the capability to restrict the number of MAC addresses allowed to communicate through

b. SSID and MAC address

c. IP and MAC address

d. SSID and WEP key

When a switch receives an Ethernet frame to an unknown destination MAC address the switch applies the following logic:

a. IP and MAC address

b. SSID and WEP key

c. Floods the Ethernet frame out all interfaces except the received interface

d. SSID and MAC address

PPP protocol supporting binding many links into a single logical link in support of load balancing traffic across parallel links is referred to as

a. PPPoE


c. a PPP Multilink


Which of the following describes the collision domain design trade-offs?

a. Double frequency domain requires all devices on a segment to share the available bandwidth

b. Single collision domain requires all devices on a segment to share the available bandwidth

c. Single frequency domain requires all devices on a segment to share the available bandwidth

d. Double collision domain requires all devices on a segment to share the available bandwidth

Which part of IPv6 neighbor discovery replaces the capabilities of ARP?

a. Neighbor solicitation

b. Switchport mapper

c. Network mapper

d. Packet sniffer

Which one of the following is an encapsulation type of Frame Relay LMI?

a. ATM


c. E1/T1

d. SCP

Which type of ICMP message will be returned to host by a remote router if that router does not have a route to network?

a. Connect all the switches to a battery backup.

b. Connect all the switches to a generator.

c. Destination the data centers power to a generator.

d. Destination Unreachable-Code Network unreachable

IPv6 broadcast addresses are used in similar manner to IPv4 broadcast addresses.

True or False

Which one of the following summary routes correctly includes the subnets,, and, mask but does not include more prefexes than nessessary?





When a bridge/switch receives an Ethernet frame into a interface, what does it do with the source MAC address?

a. Records the MAC address and incoming port to create the MAC address/interface table entry

b. Enabling MAC address filtering on a switch

c. Add the MAC address to the host file.

d. Utilities shows the relationship between a MAC address and the

corresponding IP address

Which VTP mode configures the switch to receive and forward VTP messages but does not use the VTP messages to update the local VLAN database?

a. Port authentication

b. Trunking

c. Snips

d. Transparent

Which type of UTP cabling is required to connect to hosts back-to-back?

a. Cross-over

b. Roll-over

c. coaxial

d. fiber optic

Configuring route summarization is the same configuration steps for all routing protocols.

True or False

Which type of OSPF area router connects two areas?

a. NAT

b. DNS

c. Area border router (ABR)


Which of the following is the MAC broadcast address for Ethernet?





When setting a local switchport to initiate the negotiation of a trunk link with the remote switch, the administrative mode is called ____.

a. Crossover

b. Rollover

c. Loopback

d. Dynamic desirable

_____ needs to match before two OSPF routers can form a neighbor relationship.

a. Interface ISAKMPD

b. Interface ARP

c. Interface SNORT

d. Interface MTU

Which of the following OSPF neighbor states is the expected state after completion of the exchange of topology information?

a. Mesh

b. Drop

c. Full

d. Bus

Which Cisco IOS show command aids in the troubleshooting of routing protocols by displaying information on which protocol(s) is enabled and as well as passive interfaces?

a. Release the IP Address

b. Show ip protocols

c. Install the IP protocol

d. Protocol show

Which IP header field is reduced by on on a router before attempting to forward the IP packet?

a. route

b. TTL or Time to live

c. traceroute

d. ping

When troubleshooting router IP connectivity, one of the first things to check is ____.

a. The interface status of all the interfaces to ensure Layer 1 & 2 connectivity has not failed

b. The interface status of all the interfaces to ensure Layer 3 & 2 connectivity has not failed

c. The interface status of all the interfaces to ensure Layer 4 & 6 connectivity has not failed

d. Commands can an administrator run to quickly locate connectivity

Inverse ARP in Frame Relay provides ____.

a. Commands can an administrator run to quickly locate connectivity

b. Mapping of the Layer 3 address and the layer 2 address

c. The interface status of all the interfaces to ensure Layer 1 & 2 connectivity has not failed

d. A particular route’s destination address

Which type of ICMP message will be returned to a host that is attempting to connect to a TCP port not utilized on a remote server?

a. Printing over a local network

b. Sniffing the network traffic

c. Sharing local network files

d. Destination Unreachable-Code Port unreachable

This term describes a type of network that is a non-broadcast network but allows more than two devices to be connected.


b. VNC



The ____ algorithm is used by OSPF for calculating the best route to a destination.

a. IGP

b. Dijkstra

c. Latency

d. Next hop

_____ is an authentication type supported by PPP for end-point authentication.



c. Token passing


OSPF is a ____ routing protocol.

a. Link-state

b. static

c. path-vector

d. Load balancer

The ____ type of ICMP message will be returned to a host using the “tracert” utility.

a. Ping

b. ARP utility

c. Netstat

d. Time Exceeded

Which of the following describes the forwarding logic followed by a switch when it receives a frame destined to a MAC address that is in its MAC address table?

a. Ensure the MAC address is correct

b. MAC filtering is enabled on the WAP

c. IP address to MAC address since both PCs have the same subnet mask and communication will occur.

d. Forward frame out interface specified in the MAC address table

The ____ switch frame processing model provides for verification of the FCS field.

a. Store-and-forward

b. Forwarding frames

c. Packet Forward

d. Hub-mesh-forward

When you apply the “passive interface serial0/1” command to the Cisco IOS OSPF configuration, the router will not send OSPF Hello packets out all interfaces.

True or False

_____ is the correct term for having simultaneous IPv4 and IPv6 networking enabled on a host or router.

a. Scheme

b. Gateways

c. Daul-stack

d. Bridges

_____ is used by OSPF as its metric.

a. Cost

b. RIP

c. BGP

d. Value

______ is the summary route that includes the subnets,, and, all with mask, but does not include more prefixes than necessary?





____ does not support VLSM.

a. RIP version 1

b. RIP version 2

c. BGP


A _____ in a Frame Relay design uses subinterfaces.

a. Greater device security

b. Increased number of protocols can be used

c. A SOHO will be used in a small office environment

d. Partially meshed network with one IP subnet per PVC

_____ must match for two routers to form an EIGRP neighbor relationship.

a. Unmanaged switch

b. K values

c. DHCP server

d. Bridge

When adding a new IP subnet into an existing design that uses VLSM, care should be given to the process of validating that overlapping subnets do not exist.

True of False

____ are used in IPv6 to provide the ability for a host to learn the IP address of the next-hop router.

a. Unmanaged switch

b. Bridge

c. DHCP server route

d. Router Advertisements

The ____ IP header field is used to prevent an IP packet from existing on a network indefinitely.


b. SNMPv3

c. FTP

d. TTL

The ____ best describes how a VLAN is mapped to an IP subnet.

a. Proxy server

b. Load balancer

c. Broadcast Domain

d. Bandwidth shaper

The _____ Cisco switch role correctly identifies the role of a switch that aggregates two lower levels of switches and is found in large campus environments.

a. Core

b. Show ip route

c. Ping

d. Case

Route summarization is_____.

a. Creating a summary route

b. Advertising a single prefix /IP network that includes all the more-specific routes, which reduces the number of routes in neighboring routers

c. Applying an inbound filter and configuring a passive interface

d. Applying an outbound filter to the shortest show ip route

____ is an open standard VLAN trunking protocol.

a. 802.1

b. 802.1Q

c. 806.1Q

d. 809.1D

An ICMP redirect is ______.

a. It allows each subnet in a routed system to be correctly sized for the requirement.

b. Every subnet must use a different mask to avoid conflicts.

c. Networks that use the same mask cannot route.

d. An ICMP message type used by routers to provide a mechanism to inform end hosts that a better path exists to the destination

A switchport configured as an “un-tagged” VLAN, uses the ____ switchport mode which is typically used for PCs.

a. Access

b. Trunk mode

c. Protect Port

d. Configuring Link Aggregation

Any routing protocol that supports VLSM must __________.

a. Multicast

b. Advertise IP subnet number and subnet mask information.

c. Automatically summarize networks to a common mask

d. Advertise the mask for each subnet in the routing update

CIR stands for _____.

a. Candid Information Rate

b. Comity Information Rate

c. Committed Information Rate

d. Careful Information Rate

NT 2640 Final Exam Answers (ITT Tech)
NT 2640 Final Exam Answers (ITT Tech)

A switch using Cut-Through fram processing allows the switch to discard frames that fail the FCS check.

True or False

When troubleshooting or configuring host IP connectivity, one of the first things to test is _____.

a. The ability to successfully ping your default gateway

b. The ability to see the server

c. The ability to register the MAC address

d. The ability to check the domain forest

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