NSG 4067 Community-Based Nursing

NSG 4067 Community-Based Nursing

NSG 4067 Community-Based Nursing

Nurses play an integral part in the health care and positively impact individuals and communities. Community-based nursing serves the need of individuals who may have limited access to health care. Community-based nursing enables medical professional to tackle needs of individual members of a community (Flaherty & Bartels, 2019). Based on an interview with a community-based nurse, this essay describes the role of community-based nursing.

Job Responsibilities

The purpose of community-based nursing is to serve as the initial point of contact between individuals and families and the larger healthcare system. The responsibilities of a community-based nurse include promotion of health and prevention of disease. community-based nurses offer care to individuals of all ages, in most cases individuals with a host of medical conditions (Dickson et al., 2018). Nurses in community-based nursing centers implement a host of proactive programs in areas like health education and restorative care to lead healthier communities.

Correlation between Job Description and Practice

Asked about the correlation between her job description and practice, the community-based nurse was categorical that a link exists as the practitioner deals with individuals in home settings, especially those with limited access to healthcare resources (Flaherty & Bartels, 2019). As an advanced practice registered nurse, the practitioner asserts that her role id to share information with patients which assist them attain and maintain optimal health through mental and physical wellness.

NSG 4067 Community-Based Nursing
NSG 4067 Community-Based Nursing

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Involvement in Policy Formulation Affecting Patients

Involvement in policy formulation is a critical aspect of enhancing advocacy efforts for nurses dealing with community-based practice. The community-based nurse was categorical that at the moment, she is not involved in formulating policies. However, she acknowledged the critical role of nurse practitioners in policy development and implementation for patients’ benefits.

Belonging to a Professional Organization

Asked about being a member of a professional organization, the nurse said that she is a member of the American Nurses Association (ANA) which is one of the largest labor unions not just in the United States but in the world. She was categorical that such associations are essential for career growth and development as well as acquisition of new skills by nurses.


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