NRS 493 Topic 1 DQ 1

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Identify two GCU Library scholarly databases that will help you find the best research articles to support your capstone project change proposal. Discuss why these two databases are better than Google Scholar or a general Internet search.

A Sample Answer For the Assignment: NRS 493 Topic 1 DQ 1

Title: NRS 493 Topic 1 DQ 1

Grand Canyon University Library: Resource for Scholarly Databases 

The Grand Canyon University (GCU) library is an excellent resource for locating empirical articles which provide research findings to help support my capstone project change proposal. By utilizing the databases discussed below provided by the GCU library, one can be assured the research articles generated are credible and are original studies based on observation or experiment conducted by the author(s) listed. This type of information should be used to support the change proposal. Information retrieved from a general internet search is not guaranteed to be valid or credible, and therefore may not provide strong evidence to support academic projects.

     The GCU library provides many scholarly databases for students to utilize. One scholarly database is PubMed. PubMed provides over 30 million citations for biomedicine and health articles. This database includes the MEDLINE database as well, and search results generate research articles funded by the National Institutes of Health and books from the NCBI.

     A second scholarly database provided by the GCU library is CINAHL Complete. CINAHL is considered the ultimate research tool for nurses and health care professionals. This database provides scholarly research published in expert nursing and associated health journals. CINAHL generates more than 1,300 full-text article titles and indexing for over 4,000 titles. Further, this scholarly database provides continuing education, evidence-based care sheets, and instruments for research. Finally, CINAHL includes over 50 nursing specialties, speech language pathology, and nutrition as well.


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A Sample Answer 2 For the Assignment: NRS 493 Topic 1 DQ 1

Title: NRS 493 Topic 1 DQ 1

There are many databases that the GCU library incorporates. When narrowed down by a subject of nursing and health sciences, two of scholarly databases are Joanna Briggs Institute EBP (JBI) and the Cochrane Library (Grand Canyon University [GCU], n.d.). The JBI is a resource for evidence-based publications and is recognized as a global leader when it comes to resources (GCU, n.d.). The JBI database consists of over 3,000 records that come in an array of publication types that are peer-reviewed, current information, and is a recommended database for nursing and health sciences (GCU, n.d). The Cochrane library has a huge collection of high-quality evidence-based resources to aid us in our research (Cochran Library, 2019).Using the GCU library makes it possible to search a selected database, multiple databases at once, limit searches with keywords, dates, authors, etc. There are also librarians available to help with navigating the library. Using the databases within GCU library are better than trusting general internet searches or Google Scholar due to the guaranteed reliability of sources, quality evidence-based information, and narrows down the time spent making sure the source is trustworthy.


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