NRS 415 Topic 3 DQ 1

NRS 415 Topic 3 DQ 1

Assessment Description

Reflect on your personal and professional values and conscious or unconscious biases that influence your leadership style. What is one strength and one weakness of your leadership style? How does your leadership style impact your relationship dynamics and conflict management approach?

Initial discussion question posts should be a minimum of 200 words and include at least two references cited using APA format. Responses to peers or faculty should be 100-150 words and include one reference. Refer to “RN-BSN Discussion Question Rubric” and “RN-BSN Participation Rubric,” located in Class Resources, to understand the expectations for initial discussion question posts and participation posts, respectively.

American Association of Colleges of Nursing Core Competencies for Professional Nursing Education

This assignment aligns to AACN Core Competencies 9.6, 10.3. 

The qualities I look for in myself and others are good communication, honesty, knowledge, work ethic, follow through, and willingness to serve. The mentors who have helped and taught me to be a better nurse have shown these qualities and more. I have been blessed with amazing mentors and I try to be an informed mentor to future nurses helping to teach them the core values. My choice of leadership style goes along those lines. You must have a leader you trust and can follow. The leadership style I use as a Charge nurse is “Situational leadership.” ANA describes, “Situational leadership style is the most adaptable since it analyzes the situation and determines the appropriate approach. This nurse leader is flexible enough to modify their approach based on the organization or individual’s needs. This style works well with nursing students but may divert from the organization’s long-term goals.” (ANA 2023) It all depends on the task at hand and what needs leadership. My strength is looking at a situation and knowing what needs to be done but this style is only good for short-term needs.  My weakness is working with someone who needs constant commutation and direction, which in a stressful situation are not reliable. The leadership style of situational can be Laissez-faire, Democratic, or Servant because the needs change. I try not to use Autocratic leadership, “Autocratic leaders make decisions with little input or consultation from their employees. These hands-on leaders are quick thinkers and are great at delegating tasks and giving directions.” (Wofford 2021) Autocratic I have found causes the most conflict. I have noticed over the years management tends to be Autocratic and it trickles down to the people that do the work and we find their direction doesn’t work. In a quick stressful situation, Autocratic is the best leadership method.

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