NRS 415 Summary of Current Course Content Knowledge

Assessment Description

Academic engagement through active participation in instructional activities related to the course objectives is paramount to your success in this course and future courses.  Through interaction with your instructor and classmates, you will explore the course material and be provided with the best opportunity for objective and competency mastery.  To begin this class, review the course objectives for each Topic, and then answer the following questions as this will help guide your instructor for course instruction. 

  1. Which weekly objectives do you have prior knowledge of and to what extent?
  2. Which weekly objectives do you have no prior knowledge of?
  3. What course-related topics would you like to discuss with your instructor and classmates?  What questions or concerns do you have about this course? 

Week 1: I have a general knowledge of the relationship between academic integrity and professional accountability. I also know some major historical events and how they have affected the practice of nursing. I think this topic on historical events would be a good subject to discuss and dig more into since it pertains to the practice of nursing.

Week 2: I have some knowledge of the similarities and differences of LPNs, RNs, and APRNs since I work with LPNs, RNs, and some APRNs so I get to see their scope of practice when they’re working. I also am familiar with the use of social media and its effect on professional accountability since they talked about it in our nursing fundamentals class. The first few weeks of fundamentals went over standards of practice as they pertain to professional development. 

Week 3: The objectives of this week touches on leadership which I am not too familiar with. I have always had a job where I was never in a leadership role, so this will be a new topic to learn about and have discussions on. Everyone has a different style when it comes to being in a leadership role, so I think learning about this topic and discussing it will be very beneficial. I am not familiar with emotional intelligence and how it can be utilized in a leadership aspect. 

Week 4: This week talks about culture and values which was heavily implemented into my fundamentals and psych courses of nursing. I have a pretty good understanding of this topic. However, learning and viewing these topics in the aspect of a leadership role could be different and be interesting to discuss. I do not have any knowledge of the change management model or theory. 

Week 5: I am familiar with the nurse’s role as an advocate for the patient in the interdisciplinary team because of my fundamentals course and applying it during my clinicals. I think being an advocate for the patient is a very important topic and you can always learn more about how to become better at advocating for the patients. I have some knowledge about the quality improvement method, but definitely would be interested in digging deeper into it. 

Leadership roles and different types of leadership styles would be an interesting topic to discuss with everyone. To hear everyones opinion on emotional intelligence and how it relates to leadership would also be very interesting to discuss as well. I think the main concern is the online system since it is not a familiar format to me. 

When reviewing the weekly objectives for this course, I mainly have prior knowledge of topics 1 and 2, as these objectives are covered during the ADN program. Topic 1 focuses on the academic integrity and professional accountability in nursing practice, which is a foundational concept that is emphasized during fundamentals in the ADN program. I am also relatively familiar with how nursing leaders have influenced the practice of nursing, but I would like to know more about this topic. Regarding topic 2, I am familiar with the scope of practice between the varying degrees of nursing, as well as the professional accountability in nursing practice.

The weekly objectives I mostly have no prior knowledge of are topics 3, 4, and 5, as these are more focused on leadership, organizational culture and values, and advocacy and activism within the health care system, respectively. I am very excited to learn more about the topic 3, as I am sometimes apprehensive when it comes to taking leadership roles, so I would like to gain better knowledge when it comes to this important skill of nursing. I am also excited to learn about the objectives in topics 4 and 5, as I believe this will teach me interprofessional collaboration skills that are necessary for the profession, as well as learning how to be a patient advocate.