NR452 Career Planning

NR452 Career Planning

NR452 Career Planning

I am a nursing student that graduates in March with a BSN in nursing. This paper needs to come from that standpoint. (THE RUBRIC HAS TO BE FOLLOWED PLEASE SEE UPLOADED ATTACHMENT)

I already have my BLS (required by my school), PALS (offered from my school) and ACLS certification (got it done because i wanted it on my resume). Therefore, this paper is a way to elaborate on my future plans. The specialty that I would love to work in is in the intensive care unit (ICU), so that would be my goal. So the proper steps in achieving that goal need to be researched and listed as there are several new graduate residency programs within these hospitals that hire newly graduated students. You need to list Cleveland Clinic in Weston, FL as well as Memorial West Hospital in Pembroke Pines, FL and Memorial Reginal hospital are my three prospective hospitals that I plan on applying to.***

Extensive knowledge of the APA 6th edition. 
47-page essay with the following components listed in the following order: 
Making the Transition to Professional Nursing Role: 
Identify measures to be taken in the transition from student to BSN graduate nurse, such as: Identify the state in which the student is looking for work (which is Florida). 
oDescribe at least three (3) requirements established by the Florida Board of Nursing for acquiring an RN licensure. 
oConduct fresh BSN graduate employment search within 30-mile radius of the student’s current residence or planned relocation. 
Provide information on what is required to submit an application for hire for the top two job options. 
• Holistic Life Balance: Describe how the student intends to preserve holistic balance in their personal life as well as their position as professional nurse within the first year and after five years. 
Stresses and Obstacles: Identify known stressors and predicted challenges, as well as plans for dealing with each of them in the first year and over the next five years. 
• Lifelong Learning: Create plan for lifelong learning and educational growth that will take place within the first year and over the next five years. 
This approach may include, but is not limited to, specialized certification, advanced nursing education, and formal education outside of the nursing profession. 
• Professional Contributions: Summarize plans for contributing to at least one professional nursing community as well as the student’s general community in the role of healthcare professional within the first year and after five years. 
• Scholarly Resources: This assignment requires minimum of four (4) peerreviewed scholarly sources. 
In support of this assignment, minimum of one (1) professional nursing organization website or Board of Nursing website is expected. 
• maximum of 48 pages, including the title and reference pages. 
The following materials may be useful to students in completing the assignment: 
The American Nurses Credentialing Center can be found at 
Contact the Board of Nursing at 
Holistic Nursing can be found at 
The National Council of State Boards of Nursing can be found at 
The Nursing Community can be found at 
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation can be found at 
Sigma Theta Tau International can be found at 
• The sources cited in this project, both in text and on the reference page, shall be prepared in accordance with APA 6th edition requirements.


Adheres to all APA 6th edition formatting rules for title page, margins, and in text citations. Uses clear and precise grammar. Uses good sentence structure and flow.




Use what was uploaded and please update in accordance with these ideas.


Planning your nursing career:


Rewrite everything to include:


brief hook/topic sentence


Be specific.


Cover each section with one sentence.


satisfactory conclusion


You should not:


Recite the curriculum


Be open-minded.


Contrast tenses


Alter your perspective of view


Transitioning into the nursing profession:


brief, intriguing topic sentence


point or fact, as well as an explanation of how it affects you/your plans (this should be at least two sentences apiece)




In Florida, the following are the requirements for nursing professional:


more concise introduction


Reasons why Cleveland Clinic is your dream clinic (more than one point)


Share your thoughts on hiring processes.