NR 599 Week 2 Assignment Midweek Comprehension Questions

NR 599 Week 2 Assignment Midweek Comprehension Questions

NR 599 Week 2 Assignment Midweek Comprehension Questions

As I continue through the FNP course I expect my competencies to increase in the areas of advanced practice nursing knowledge, leadership, pharmaceuticals and a more critical problem solving approach to acute and long-term patient care outcomes. I do feel that I have some barriers and challenges with bedside care in hospital settings as my experience in more critical and acute settings is limited. I have mostly been in home healthcare, community based nursing and hospice home care which has a very different approach to health outcomes and comes with limitations of intensive treatments available for more intensive measures. As far as informatics I feel that I have again knowledge of main information systems and records on the epic system, however in home care setting and my current position electronic tracking is not present and everything is still on paper. I am able to appreciate good informatics systems that are in place and how it can improve a persons overall health/wellness outcomes and can assist with advocacy to improving systems that are not up to par. 

There are many areas of Nursing informatics that I am looking to progress throughout this course and as I advance in my carrier. Understanding advanced systems like clinical decision-making systems, requesting, and sending reports, all while protecting private health information is a critical competency that I will have to learn. Communication technologies is also an area of nursing informatics that has grown that I am hoping to improve upon. Lastly, I also expect to learn about my role in an interdisciplinary team to promote improvement processes while using Evidence Based Practices and Quality improvement approaches.  

Our nursing profession is constant change or evolving. Therefore, learning should never end; it is a lifelong process. Competency is the heart of the nursing profession. Therefore, competency assessment is an ongoing process for each nurse. This process is vital for patient safety, satisfaction, and clinical outcomes in the healthcare system. As I progress in this course, I have a basic understanding of informatics & technology. With each week, continue to build on the learning process. So each week is imperative to understand the concepts.  Today, information technology is part of everyday care and requires nurses to have essential computer competencies and information literacy.  Due to the integration of health information technology in the nursing profession, self-assessment will help me determine my weaknesses and strengths.  For this reason, learning and working on my weakness will benefit the patients and me. 

Based off what I’ve read so far in this class, I believe my informatics competency is on point to where it should be. I expect throughout the course that my competency will greatly improve. I have used multiple different EHRs and medical equipment in my career and with each one I learn a bit more about the tech aspect of nursing, and this class is already greatly opening my eyes to just how much really goes into building the EHRs and other medical technologies for the greater good of patient care. 

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As I personally progress in this course and program, I expect my competencies to shift perspectives from a RN to an NP role. The way my brain currently operates is based on a RN outlook on nursing. I am beginning to see the differences in the APN role compared to the role that I am in now. While I do believe a lot of my competency that I learned from being a nurse will translate over to my new role as a NP my mind will shift towards the provider role to better assist my patients needs as a NP.


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NR 599 Week 2 Assignment Midweek Comprehension Questions
NR 599 Week 2 Assignment Midweek Comprehension Questions

As I progress through this course, I expect my competencies to evolve from general knowledge of nursing informatics to a more in depth understanding of the course curriculum and how it applies to advanced nursing practice. However, one of the barriers that may affect my competency process is the restricted time frame. In order to overcome the barrier caused by the restricted time frame of the course, I plan to allow for adequate time each day to complete assignments and review the curriculum to help solidify my understanding of the course work.

Through the competency assessment, I believe the area I need to focus on more is the research aspect.  At times I do struggle with finding adequate sources for research assignments.  I will have multiple scholarly sources but only use a small amount from each source. I hope that with additional education, I can expand my knowledge and advance my level of competency.  I do understand that everything cannot be learned at once.  A lot of competencies will be learned with time and experience.

As the course progresses I hope my competencies in informatics continue to improve. This course can provide information regarding different technologies useful for nurse practitioners. I am sure I am unaware of a lot of technological health resources available for patients and providers. I am interested in learning about these resources and my role in optimizing the patient’s ability to utilize these resources.  I am able to adapt relatively quickly to new technologies as I have grown up with changing technology as a child.  I hope to increase my competencies as I progress through the program and have new nursing jobs. 

My competencies are the foundation of how I care for my patients. In order to improve quality of care I need to continually work to enhance these competencies. As I progress through this course and beyond I think that some competencies will evolve faster than others. My patient encounters, leadership roles, research, participation in professional organizations and continuing education will all play a role in how my competencies are developed. Competency assessment through self reflection and self assessment will be necessary. The increasing demands and rapid changes in the healthcare system can create challenges to keep up with the latest evidenced based practice and technology. The advanced practice nurse is an important role in the healthcare delivery system. It will be my responsibility as a leader to develop my competencies so that I can provide quality, competent, cost efficient care to my clients. A lifelong commitment to learning and development will be important as things are continually advancing and evolving in our healthcare system and patient needs and expectations. 

It’s important to understand and properly interpret the information we obtain from the Electronic Health Record (EHR).  Information literacy is connected to evidence-based practices and patient safety work in nursing resulting in better patient outcomes (Kinnunen et al., 2019).  If any staff, but particularly those directly involved with patient care are not proficient with the EHR, potentially harmful incidents could occur.  It is beneficial to all facilities to provide thorough and adequate training on their systems.  Training employees will prevent frustration and impatience with a new EHR system and result with improved results and less workarounds. It is interesting to not that in their study, the level of education as a Registered Nurse (RN) was correlated to the competency of the EHR.    

Kinnunen, U. M., Heponiemi, T., Rajalahti, E., Ahonen, O., Korhonen, T., & Hyppönen, H. (2019). factors related to health informatics competencies for nurses—results of a national electronic health record survey. CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing, 37(8), 420-429.  

As I progress with my education my competencies will evolve through increased exposure to different diseases and diagnoses.  I will gain knowledge by researching information on diseases and illnesses that I do not know much about.  My skills will improve as I am mentored on best practices.  My ability to judge if a patient’s condition is more severe than they describe, will come with increasing my education level on disease processes.  As I continue to learn I will be able to connect the dots and understand the course of the patient’s illness and what the best treatment options are. 

Nursing is a profession that is constantly evolving. As nurses, there are always new protocols, medication, and new diseases. The pandemic showed the world the importance of developing. It has a hard time, but nurses are built for change. As an Emergency medicine nurse, I faced shifts every day. Patients are different from hour to hour. As I progress in this course, my knowledge will grow in informatics. Health care is evolving in technology. Doctors are now seeing patients through a camera and prescribing medications. Technology and healthcare are the foundation of the future in medicine. This course and this program will help to achieve my goal of becoming the best nurse practitioner I can be. I expect all my competencies to grow in knowledge and adapt to the future. 

As BSNs, we had to know how to make the most of the tools at our disposal to ensure the health and safety of our patients. Those who excelled at their jobs over time became the unit’s go-to source for assistance. Eventually, these nurses are thrust into positions of greater authority, either as preceptors or supervisors. Now that we’ve reached the graduate level, we’ll be expected to use the aforementioned technological tools to effectively communicate with peers in different fields, manage our courses, and lessen the likelihood of undesirable medical outcomes. It’s intriguing in that I’ve already come up with an idea (albeit an invention if it isn’t already out there) that can further aid in error prevention just from reading the chapters. Research is required.