NR 599 Assignment Introductions 

NR 599 Assignment Introductions 

NR 599 Assignment Introductions 

I will start the introductions

Dr. Teen Clemons, DNP/MSN/Ed/LM, RN has been in nursing academia for over fifteen years. In clinical settings and teaching online. Her first degree was her Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN). She then attended Chamberlain for her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Her Masters in Science of Nursing with a concentration of Nursing Education, as well as Post-Master’s in Leadership & Management – all in an online environment. She then completed her Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) in a hybrid environment with synchronous and asynchronous classes from Georgia College & State University. Her research/dissertation was on teaching caregivers the importance of “Language Nutrition” to combat the 30-million-word gap that exists among children of the world in relation to literacy.

Dr. Clemons started her nursing career as a Step-Down Critical Care Nurse with progression into the ICU/Critical Care. She remained in ICU for several years. She managed an ICU/Acute Care at the local VA Hospital where she really delved into informatics. Dr. Clemons lead and changed the VA units including TeleHealth, Conversion of their paper charting system to computer charting. She was a Super User during an EPIC conversion at a long term hospital. Informatics has always been a love for her as she converted and changed many systems, including teaching informatics, to several unit nurses, managers, students, etc. She did partake in Dialysis and Long term care for short stents and had to learn/teach new computer software programs, technology to her co-workers.

She lives in a very small town in Georgia and enjoys traveling, RV’ing, sewing, reading, and crocheting.

The best way to contact me is through my Chamberlain email, you may call between the hours of 8am -5 pm EST at 4782338167

My name is Krista Khalik, wife and mother of a son who will be 24 this coming Saturday, a daughter who will be 18 in June, and a son who just turned 4 in February. I moved to Clayton, North Carolina in 2015, but my hometown is New York. I am currently employed as an Appeals & Grievances Clinical Nurse Specialist for a Managed Care Health Insurance Company. I have been a nurse since 2010, working previously as a CHHA Home Care Nurse, Wound Care Nurse, and Home IV Infusion Nurse. I chose to become a mental health nurse practitioner and work with children and teens with special needs and other developmental and mental illnesses. My aspiration as a mental health practitioner is to help those with mental health needs overcome any mental health distress and the ability to be able to maintain a livelihood within their mental capacity. One, of the reasons I chose to pursue this area of practice, is because my 4-year-old, who was born prematurely at 28 weeks old, was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2, and I already knew he had Autism due to him showing signs at 6 months years old. His diagnosis has inspired me to learn more about his diagnosis, other developmental disorders, and mental health illnesses of children and teens; and also with meeting several other families of children in the NICU with other diagnoses has eager me aware and intuitive into learning more and striving to care for those in need.


NR 599 Week 7 Midweek Comprehension Questions

NR 599 Assignment Introductions 
NR 599 Assignment Introductions 

During what month were you born? 

I was born on January 2nd.

What does informatics mean to you? Provide one detailed example. 

            My thoughts on informatics are based on the perspectives of nursing and providing nursing care within the realms of the advanced infrastructure of the 21st century, thus utilizing the advanced technological systems, devices, health programs, and privacy laws for the purposes of assessing, diagnosing and providing safe, effective, collaborative and holistic care to patients and their families.

What specifically about informatics do you want to learn in this course? 

            What I specifically would like to learn about this course is the importance and key elements of informatics within my future practice as a mental health nurse practitioner, and how to apply informatics within my clinical profession.

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During what month were you born? 

I was born in October. Not quite a Halloween baby but VERY close. As such, fall is my favorite time of year and I love all things goth, gore, and horror. My dad used to let me stay up late from a very early age and watch Elvira with him and many of the old classics like Frankenstein and Dracula. My mother always said I was a peculiar child! But I will take it. I turned out pretty good despite.  

What does informatics mean to you? Provide one detailed example

Informatics is the data we use to diagnose and guide our care and the applications and technology systems throughout the health care system. For instance, we use Epic where I work. Epic collects the labs, scans, and extensive patient history all to the EHR for easy access. When a patient comes into my ER the first thing I look at is the patients Care Coordination. This tab shows me all the patients last visits with listing of service and chief complaint. By quickly viewing this I can get an idea if this is something the patient is seen for frequently or if it is potentially a new problem. I then can to a quick review of meds and past medical history. EHR’s are so common place that we take them for granted. Coming from a system that used Cerner, Epic is a dream. The continuity of care provider by being able to quickly scroll through Care Everywhere (allowing me to see medical history from all other health systems in our area that also use Epic) is an invaluable tool. Having this kind of technology allows us to get a better picture of the patients past medical journey which can help to develop an effective plan of care. 

What specifically about informatics do you want to learn in this course? 

Informatics is a scary word. I am great at patient care and I am great at mastering the technology I need to deliver care. When I think informatics, I think data and numbers and confusing terms. That is not so much my thing and never has been. I suppose, for this course, developing a broader understanding of how informatics will apply to my advance practice without being terrified of the technical jazz is a good thing. So how I can use this in my day to day as an advanced practice nurse beyond just the basics of my job. 

Select one personal photograph which has significant meaning to you. Attach the photograph in JPEG or PDF format to the discussion forum AND provide a caption.

I chose this photo because my family would never give me permission to use their real likeness to strangers. But my family is the reason I went back to school and got a nursing degree. At that time, as a single mother recently divorced, I knew I never wanted to be in a position that I could not provide for my kids. I also hoped my kids would learn that no matter your circumstances, you can change your life if you apply yourself and do not give up. There are definitely days that I want to quit. But my family is all the reason I ever need to keep going. 

I have been a nurse for 9 years.  I have worked in geriatric care, acute care, and now in primary care.  I started my nursing career as a CNA at a local nursing home. Once I completed my associates degree in nursing I continued to work at the same nursing home for another 4 years. I then completed my BSN.  After that I worked at the local hospital on an acute care floor.  I currently work at a primary care clinic.  I am continuing my education to FNP as there is such a need for providers in my area and I enjoy working with the local population.   I have 4 children and 4 fur babies (2 dogs and 2 cats). During the spring and summer, I enjoy gardening.  In the fall I enjoy going hiking and admiring the leaves turning colors. In the winter I try to get on the snowmobile trails as much as possible.   I was born in the month of July. Informatics to me means growing healthcare on advancements in technology.  These advancements are possible due to data collection, analyzing information, systemic problem solving, and technology improvements.  I am excited to learn how much healthcare depends on informatics to improve patient outcomes. 

My name is Oluwadunni Obasoto. I was born in December, in Nigeria, moved to the United States, got married and blessed with two boys. I started my nursing career when I relocated. I started nursing because initially I wanted a better life for me and my family. I first earned my Associate in nursing and proceeded to complete my bachelor’s in nursing in 2021. I have worked in homecare, long term care facility and medical surgical units. I am currently a local travel nurse. I want to increase my nursing knowledge, be more autonomy in my care and provide more evidence base practice care for my patients which is why I decided to continue my education. 

I initially wanted to pursue Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, I started a per diem to get myself into the specialty, but I decided to pursue MSN Family Nurse Practitioner because it accommodates a broad spectrum of family-focused health care services to patients of all ages which is what fits my personality and also  to give myself more opportunities to enjoy my career and proceed to achieve my goal for me and my family. 

Informatics is the behind-the-scenes responsibilities of analyzing data to assess patient information and medical data. Informatics makes it possible to write, acknowledge and carry out orders. The ability to monitor staffing, workflow, and data will assist nurses in identifying areas where innovative approaches can be created. Nursing informatics is the computer information technology of health care. Information analysist function as a conduit between healthcare workers and technology. 

I hope to acquire basic information on how to use evidence base practice to analyze information to improve my access to patients’ information, biography, finances provide visibility, affordable of medical bills, and education to transform patients’ health outcomes. 

I included a personal video of myself because as a healthcare worker, mum, daughter, wife, sister, cousin or friend I have to constantly remind myself to take care of myself. A role I sometimes forget amidst all my other roles. As important as these roles are, to me the self-role is the most important because I cannot be any of the roles without the self-role. My patients, my family and friends are important, but I am important too.