NR 508 Week 6 Discussions 1 (Part One)

NR 508 Week 6 Discussions 1 (Part One)

NR 508 Week 6 Discussions 1 (Part One) Recent

discussion part one 

jonathon is a 56 year-old retired automobile mechanic who has not been to the doctor in approximately 6-7 years. he presents to your office complaining that 3 weeks ago he was awoken with severe pain and inflammation in his knee, which has been consistent since that initial night. upon physical examination of his knee, it appears swollen and erythematous with periarticular involvement. upon physical examination and laboratory results you notice the following:

physical examination:

gen: well nourished, obese male (310 pounds)

vs: bp 191/112 hr 75 rr 15 t 98.6, ht 5’8”

ext: knee joint inflammation

laboratory (fasting):

na 139 meq/l

k 3.8 meq/l

ca 9.1 mg/dl

cl 102 mmol/l

hco3 22 meq/l

bun 10 mg/dl

scr 0.9 mg/dl

serum uric acid 6.5 mg/dl

alb 4.1 g/dl

cholesterol 300 mg/dl

ua: ph 6.8, uric acid 250 mg/24h

what problems can be identified in this patient? please provide a list of differential diagnoses, as well as indication of your primary diagnosis.

what is your pharmacological plan for your primary diagnosis including the medication, dose, and mechanism of action?

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NR 508 Week 6 Discussions 1 (Part One)
NR 508 Week 6 Discussions 1 (Part One)

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Examples of Scholarly Resources include: Academic journals, books written by experts in a field, and formally published encyclopedias and dictionaries.
Peer-Reviewed Journals: Peer-reviewed journals are evaluated prior to publication by experts in the journal’s subject discipline. This process ensures that the articles published within the journal are academically rigorous and meet the required expectations of an article in that subject discipline.
Empirical Journal Article: This type of scholarly resource is a subset of scholarly articles that reports the original finding of an observational or experimental research study. Common aspects found within an empirical article include: literature review, methodology, results, and discussion.
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