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This is a required but not graded open forum. Your post should add further clarity to the assignment and content of the readings and lessons for the week. Please feel free to post questions related to content or assignments.

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Title: NR 506 Assignment Open Forum 

I agree with how you presented the difference between options vs. recommendations. In my town, there needs to be more opportunities to have a healthier lifestyle. There is a lot of poverty, and most poor habitants choose fast-food chains over healthier places to eat. If anyone compares prices between a Mcdonald’s dollar menu to a salad with meat, anyone can see why anyone would choose the first choice. It is more affordable and will fill you; regardless of how unhealthy it is, people with low incomes will think with the belly, not the brain. For recommendations, the NP must do thorough research on the town’s mentality and start educating with colorful visual examples and logos that capture anyone’s eyes.

NP must create awareness of the obesity problem and its long-term consequences. For options, get involved in your town’s YMCA; they have various programs such as youth development and mental health first aid, aquatics, and healthy living. These programs start when children are in pre-k and enrich adults as well. In addition, there are opportunities for local farmers to start businesses and make a difference. 

The assignment this week helped me to realize how as nurse practitioners we can be a part of initiating changes we want to see in our communities. The presentation really challenged me to think of important stakeholders, barriers, and advocates involved in health issues. Knowledge of who is involved can help direct you to where you need to look to make real changes. As a nurse I educate my patients but being a nurse practitioner you can create programs, start classes, and provide care from education to treatment. I can be present in all parts of my patients care and be a part of influencing policies that pertain to my patients health. Just through investigation I can acknowledge all of the NPs who have advocated for policy change.

I guess I am technically challenged with this assignment this week. I cannot remember how to record my screen so that just the slides are recorded without speaker notes but the speaker’s notes are still visible to me during the recording. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, if you are creating your PowerPoint through the online version provided by the school, the speaker notes will not be available to you during your presentation. It is only available through windows or mac version of Microsoft. I hope this helps.

I am currently finishing up my presentation. I chose how Nurse Practitioners promote accessibility to mental health services to those in the Kane County community? It was rather interesting because there is not much research done in that area. However, I did note that there are representatives that work within the landscape who attempt to invest more money into mental health services to improve the overall health of the community. 

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I did my presentation on a similar topic. It was a little challenging to find information on my county as well. I did notice that there are many people who have been and are willing to contribute more funds into the mental health space. New Jersey fairs better in having a decent amount of providers but there are other places that are complete provider deserts and the need for mental healthcare is insane. 

NR 506 Assignment Open Forum 
NR 506 Assignment Open Forum 

This assignment was challenging but not as challenging as me trying to figure out how to use Kaltura! I also struggled with the difference between the options and the recommendations, hopefully I did it right. My problem statement focused more on the provider than the patient so I used options that would help the nurse practitioner with education. This was interesting to research as I didn’t realize there was not adequate education for providers when it comes to smoking cessation. 

This assignment really got me thinking about considering mental comorbidities that are frequently attached to physical conditions. I think going forward as NPs it is important to address issues such as anxiety and depression for those who are newly diagnosed, post major surgeries, and terminal illness. That way we are caring for the patient’s physical and mental needs.