NR 501 Week 2: Reflection on Learning Submission

Week 2 reflection assignment

Provide one specific example of how you achieved the weekly objectives.

What do you value most about your learning this week?

What else about the weekly topics do you need to explore to grow further as a future NP?

I’ve learned about the four basic patterns of knowledge that Carpenter uses. By understanding these patterns, I can better gauge my reactions, my strengths, and my weaknesses—especially in an emergency. I now see how critical it is to nurses’ ability to save lives and maintain patient safety that they are aware of these patterns. Participating in the weekly conversations is another method to pick up new information, particularly from the readings and the experiences of my classmates.

The weekly themes, in my opinion, will help me flourish in my nursing profession as a potential nurse practitioner. I get information and experience from the weekly themes. I read the topics, do my homework on them, and comprehend the facts, theories, and specifics of the events and information. There are some themes and topics that I have never heard of or addressed, but being in the classroom teaches me a lot. To succeed in my upcoming profession as a nurse practitioner, I’m prepared to continue utilizing the chamberlain program’s tools, strategies, and resources.