NR 501 Week 2: Reflection on Learning Submission

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Week 2 reflection assignment

Provide one specific example of how you achieved the weekly objectives.

What do you value most about your learning this week?

What else about the weekly topics do you need to explore to grow further as a future NP?

I’ve learned about the four basic patterns of knowledge that Carpenter uses. By understanding these patterns, I can better gauge my reactions, my strengths, and my weaknesses—especially in an emergency. I now see how critical it is to nurses’ ability to save lives and maintain patient safety that they are aware of these patterns. Participating in the weekly conversations is another method to pick up new information, particularly from the readings and the experiences of my classmates.

The weekly themes, in my opinion, will help me flourish in my nursing profession as a potential nurse practitioner. I get information and experience from the weekly themes. I read the topics, do my homework on them, and comprehend the facts, theories, and specifics of the events and information. There are some themes and topics that I have never heard of or addressed, but being in the classroom teaches me a lot. To succeed in my upcoming profession as a nurse practitioner, I’m prepared to continue utilizing the chamberlain program’s tools, strategies, and resources.


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A Sample Answer For the Assignment: NR 501 Week 2: Reflection on Learning Submission

Title: NR 501 Week 2: Reflection on Learning Submission

I love that you used an example from when you were a CNA, because experiences from all positions in healthcare may be valuable and relevant to our future practices. Your story reminded me of a time when I was a CNA on a telemetry floor. I went into a room to record a patient’s vital signs and there was blood on the patient’s gown and down the bed. I asked about the blood and the wife notified me that it was coming from the patient’s femoral site for a PCI. I was in nursing school at the time so I recognized that that could potentially be dangerous. I looked at the patient’s bleeding site and noticed there was some induration around the site. I immediately applied pressure and called for the nurse.

When the nurse came in the room, he disregarded my concern and expressed it was nothing to worry over. A little later in the shift, I went back to the patient’s room and noticed the induration had spread from the patient’s femoral site across his groin and the area was discolored. This time I decided to call the charge nurse into the room, and she called the resident MD. He, along with the fellow, came to the bedside to assess the patient. The resident disregarded the patient’s swelling as well and stated that there was no change from earlier. At this time my charge nurse spoke up on my behalf expressing the findings I had noted throughout the day, and I confirmed. A week after this incident, I ran into the patient’s wife. She expressed to me that after that event the patient had to be transferred to ICU and required seven additional procedures.

As a nurse, especially as I gain more experience, I understand how easy it is to disregard someone else’s concerns when you feel confident; however, this is a dangerous practice. As nurses we must always be open to learning and understand we are not always correct. We must take other’s concerns seriously as situations can change quickly with patients. According to Kaiser et al. (2022), collaboration amongst nurses and providers directly affects patient’s outcomes and treatments and suggests that this collaboration has a positive impact on patient-reported outcomes. At the end of the day, a patient’s safety must be priority. As a nurse practitioner, at times we will need to rely upon nurse’s concerns for their patients. We must take these concerns seriously and these concerns should prompt us to assess the patient and intervene when necessary.

Kaiser, L., Conrad, S., Neugebauer, E. A. M., Pietsch, B., Pieper, D. (2022). Interprofessional collaboration and patient-reported outcomes in inpatient care: A systemic review. Systematic Reviews, 11(169), 1-25.