NR 351 Week 2 Assignment: Scavenger Hunt

A Sample Answer For the Assignment: NR 351 Week 2 Assignment: Scavenger Hunt

Title: NR 351 Week 2 Assignment: Scavenger Hunt

Professional integrity is an integral component of professional nursing, while academic integrity is the building block that is needed to help shape the morals of a future nurse. According to our week 2 module one reason why a student may falsify their work is that they are not aware that they are doing it (Chamberlain, 2021). Students can begin a new career at any age of their life and may not be aware of what plagiarism is and that they are doing it. Another reason a student would plagiarize would be the fear of failure. Nursing school is difficult in its’ own right, but outside stressors to be a success could be pushing the student to falsify their work.

Nurses are held to a higher standard of honesty by their patients. Patients trust nurses to be honest with them and to have a good ethical and moral compass while caring for them.  “…there is a proven positive correlation between unethical academic practices and future unethical professional behavior (Theart & Smit, 2012).” When reading through different articles, this sentence stood out to me. I think that this statement is true. Integrity, honesty, morality, and ethical beliefs are all interchangeable. You cannot have one without the other, and I think that those who are willing to jeopardize their integrity academically are going to be willing to do the same in a professional setting.

Regarding APA formatting, I think the most challenging aspect of it is that I have not used it in eight to ten years. In high school we used an MLA format for two years before switching to APA formatting. Learning a new way of formatting when you are so used to MLA was difficult. Throughout my college career, I think I may have written two-three short papers that required APA format. It has been a learning curve because outside of school it is not used in my day-to-day life. I think finding the information to put into the citation is difficult. I always second guess myself if I am using the correct author, published date, article time etc. To help me with APA formatting, I am going to reach for the APA Manual, The Chamberlain Writing Center, and as a last resource the internet.

Theart, C.J. & Smit, I., 2012, ‘The status of academic integrity amongst nursing students at a nursing education institution in the Western Cape’, Curationis35(1), Art. #27, 8 pages.

Chamberlain University, C. U. (2021). Week 2 Lesson: Integrity Matters. Chamberlain University.


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A Sample Answer 2 For the Assignment: NR 351 Week 2 Assignment: Scavenger Hunt

Title: NR 351 Week 2 Assignment: Scavenger Hunt

Your quote from (Theart & Smit, 2012) is very powerful, I can see why it stood out to you.  I can see that if someone develops a pattern in there schoolwork (or maybe even before that) of cheating, or plagiarizing, it could be a pattern of behavior.  When we are caring for a patient they should be our top priority.  I know that if someone was caring for my loved one, I would expect the best quality of care possible.  I would not want someone taking shortcuts with my family, or any patient for that matter.  This quote speaks to the integrity of an individual and how that integrity can be carried over to different aspects of life.

I also believe that our patient’s expect honesty from us, even when it is hard to talk to them about some situations.  I have had patients crashing on our table, having to be placed on the ventilator,   and having to place a LVAD.  Having to talk to the family after this is sometimes the most difficult aspect of our jobs.  We have to be honest, explain what they will see when they see their loved one, hold their hand, give them support, pray with them.  They need honesty, love and support from us.  They expect it, the family and the patient, because when we are caring for a patient their family, becomes our patient as well.