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MPH 540: Current Issues in Public Health I – Global Health: Assignments for MPH 540

MPH 540: Current Issues in Public Health I – Global Health Assignments

I. Midterm Project – Poster – (200 points poster; 200 points presentation)

Student should select a Vulnerable Population globally affected by a disease, or condition, or select a Communicable Disease of Global Importance. Search and identify literature to support your poster presentation.


The self-standing poster should include the following information:

  • Description of the population, including demographics and risk factors determining health in this population
  • Common health issues prevalent in this population
  • Identify access and barriers to health care and treatment options for this population, and include local and global policies regulating control and prevention of a diseases in this population
  • Discuss local and global documents addressing the needs of this population, and suggest improvement of the existing programs.


  • Describe a disease, including aetiology, clinical course, treatment, recovery & outcome, and prevention
  • Most prevalent populations globally affected by this disease
  • Identify local and global policies and laws regulating prevention, treatment and control of the diseases
  • Discuss the importance of global documents and laws regulating and controlling the disease, and suggest improvements in policy arena

Use at least 6 references to support the poster. List references on the poster. There will be about 10 minutes (12 minutes maximum) presentation per poster in class on one of two days listed in the syllabus followed by discussion. Be prepared to answer questions during your presentation, to discuss your topic.

MPH 540: Current Issues in Public Health I – Global Health

II. Final paper assignment (300 points)

You are a member of newly formed WHO committee with a task to reconsider existing WHO strategies and improve the health of the global population. Your task is to address a specific health problem and draft a report on it. These reports will serve as background information for discussion and as input for the final WHO recommendation on the issue. Students as members of this committee have to write such a study. You can choose a health problem discussed in this course (TBC, Malaria, COPD, any issue related to girls’ and women’s health etc.) and write an individual paper, in lieu of final exam. The paper should be coherently structured, show your understanding of the topic and have adequate referencing.

All reports should cover the following topics:

  • Global patterns of the health problem
  • Biological, lifestyle/ behavioural and social determinants of the health problem
  • Formulate a strategy that should be chosen to tackle this health problem (make sure to offer a suggestion for improvement of current WHO strategies).
  • Reflect on the ethical and political consequences of addressing the problem in the proposed way

MPH 540: Current Issues in Public Health I – Global Health Paper Structure:

Introduction- Introducing the health problem, aim of the paper and explanation of the structure

Main Part– You can structure that according to your own preferences; cover the topics mentioned before

Discussion and Conclusion- Reflect on the paper findings and recap the main point.

Reference list- APA style

Write a paper of 2500-3000 words and minimum 15 references (max 3 of the references can be websites)

It is an individual assignment; you can discuss your ideas with your fellow students; however make sure you write it individually

III. Advocacy Statement (100 points)

Give a voice to a vulnerable population. Develop an advocacy statement, just as if you would testify at the United Nations – include a brief description of the population and its vulnerability and advocate for the rights of your selected population to: education, health, prevention, treatment, health care…. children, girls, mothers, elderly, etc. Your statement needs to be convincing, based on research and facts, and with a global component, suggesting a potential solution.

Requirements:  350 words max – 5-7 min talk

IV. Participation in Class Discussion (200 points)

Each student will follow the rules of “good classroom discussion” that will be generated at the beginning of the semester by this class and for this class.

Please Note:

Extra-Credit opportunities would be offered in the exceptional situations to be decided by both students and instructor of the course.

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