HRM 635 Conduct research on the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

HRM 635 Conduct research on the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

HRM 635 Conduct research on the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

The Society for Human Resource Management is the worlds largest Human Resource professional society, and its mission is to help those within the HR realm create better work environments where they can thrive together. They do this by providing their members with access to tools, resources, HR related news, and advisory services. They keep their members updated on the latest workplace trends and studies that show effective human resource management. Educational programs and certification classes are also provided by SHRM to encourage and provide a way for HR professionals to continue learning which they consider vitally important. They also host webinars and events to connect their members with one another and other professionals in the field. The information they provide is used by HR professionals during recruitment, for interview questions and techniques, crisis management, legal concerns, and nearly every aspect of their career. It is extremely beneficial for anyone in the HR profession to join this society.

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The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the world’s largest HR professional society, elevation and impacting 115 million employees worldwide, in 165 countries.  For nearly seven decades, the Society has been the leading provider of resources serving the needs of HR professionals and advancing the practice of human resource management. SHRM is a global community with over 300,000 members that provides opportunities to build and network with exclusive peer to peer interaction.  The role of SHRM is to provide resources that help organizations connect to their members and/or employees and insure they have the correct information needed to pass along to their office. The purpose of SHRM is to provide the support that Human Resource Managers may need while completing their everyday tasks. SHRM provides an opportunity to develop your leadership, managerial, public speaking, and group decision-making skills, provides a local networking arena, and provides a focus for legislative attention to local, state, and national human resource management issues. SHRM gives HR personnel and professional a better way to communicate with their workplace. They help them learn as much as possible about the HR community and how we can better help each other with HR needs.

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Society for Human Resource Management

The current workplace is highly volatile, and human resource management (HRM) is critical for controlling the changing workplace dynamics. Human resources, including managers, play a vital role in enhancing organizational performance through employee development. They also foster a positive relationship between excellent HR practices and organizational performance (Chopra, 2018). Due to the essential role of HRs in organizational development, it is crucial to have organizations such as Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) to guide HR professionals.

HRM 635 Conduct research on the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
HRM 635 Conduct research on the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

SHRM serves as the largest association for HR professionals. It is the thought leader on issues affecting today’s workplace, enjoying membership of over 300,000 HR and business executive members worldwide (SHRM, 2022). In guiding HR professionals, SHRM focuses on the professional development needs of its members. It works through research, regular educational publications, and legislative input to guide members on what happens in the everyday workplace while advancing the interests of the entire profession.

The current workplace is ever-changing. Like other professionals, HR professionals should be highly knowledgeable and adapt to be effective and efficient in the dynamic workplace (Sims & Bias, 2019). In response, SHRM assists HR professionals in understanding workplace issues. Understanding workplace issues is instrumental in leading and guiding change and supporting organizational leadership in employee development. Publications and legislative updates are essential resources for HR professionals to effectively and efficiently complete their tasks. SHRM also creates better workplaces where employers and employees can work together and thrive (SHRM, 2022). In such workplaces, conflicts are minimal, employees are valued, and interprofessional collaboration characterizes everyday practice. As leaders, HR managers are also better positioned to recognize and deal with workplace issues that hamper employee and organizational development, such as incivility and discrimination.


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The Society for Human Resource Management concepts represents a new change in the HR field. Also, some mention roles and purpose objectives of the organizations are to ensure that a skilled workforce may be procured and employed at the right place in the organization as required.  The linkage between the SHRM practices and organizational performance of business enables the HR managers to design programs that would lead to better operational results and it helps the organization to perform better and achieve higher goals.  SHRM assists HR professionals effectively and efficiently by finding their objective and understanding the needs of present and future customers and satisfying their customers by developing their employees this helps to complete their tasks or duties and supports leadership within the organization. It also deals with the roles of HRM systems and practices influencing the performance of the business. It particularly focuses on the human resource assets for taking a competitive advantage over the other rival firm. HRM is one of the most important resources available to an organization.

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Leaders with exceptional leadership skills can produce exceeding outcomes in productivity, retention, and strong teamwork. But even with the perfect leadership skills, there is still room for growth and improvement. There are still opportunities to make the wrong personnel decisions which then create a failing environment. Human resource management “helps ensure that you get results – through people” (Dessler, 2016, p. 44). They aid through providing tools to motivate and develop employees. This produces higher employee engagement levels within teams. Of course, there lies power in numbers. The society for human resource management (SHRM) promotes collaboration within leadership to “create better workplaces where employers and employees thrive together” (Shrm – the Voice of All Things Work, 2021, para. 1). This society provides expert guidance and promotion of thoughts on hot topics that currently impact the workplace. Their mission statement is very impactful as it clearly states their goals to assist individuals. Their goal is the elevate the HR profession as a whole through collaboration of executive members and HR team members which then causes a butterfly effect throughout the corporation that the executive represents. Buy in comes from the top, so this engagement by upper leadership within this organization is the key to success. Their hope is to empower both the workplace and the people within it through maximizing the human potential of staff (Shrm – the Voice of All Things Work, 2021). SHRM creates a positive impact that results in positive outcomes within organizations.


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The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a membership that is devoted to human resource management that works together to improve the workplace environment for all employees and employers by increasing human resources and maximizing employee potentials through HR resources, mentorship, and guidance (Society for Human Management, n.d.). SHRM helps the human resource professions advance within 165 countries along with providing information to more than 300,000 members (Office of Disability Employment Policy, n.d.). In 1948, SHRM was founded by 28 individuals that anticipated the need for a national personnel organization which was formally called the American Society for Personnel Administration (ASPA). 

SHRM assists HR professionals by providing professional development opportunities providing the most essential and comprehensive resource available to help promote national networking, profession in transition, and helped to advance the interest of the profession (Colorado SHRM State Council, n.d.). SHRM helps the HR profession grow to their highest potential and supports work-based learning through policies and opportunity of work expansions; accessing untapped talent through initiatives by promoting hiring untalented pools; and education assistance through expanding employer-provided education assistance for recruitment benefit offerings and retention purposes (Society for Human Management, n.d.). Providing workplace compliance and preventing legal concerns along with improving diversity, equity, and inclusion within the workplace is another aspect where SHRM helps the HR profession in the workplace (Nagele-Piazza, 2021). SHRM provides guidance to the HR professional to help improve and deliver the best working environment within the workplace throughout employees and their employers tasks and duties that are assigned, and the leadership support resembled within the organization.


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Behind production of every product or service, there is human mind, effort, and working hours. No product or service can be produced without help of human being. Human being is fundamental resource for making or construction of anything. Every organization desire to have Human resource management, and see their employees from the perspective as a most valuable resources for the organization, and they consider their employees as assets and capital for their organization. So, the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) is the foremost professional organization for HR managers, experts, and directors. The SHRM offers human resources related news, forecasting and public policy support. They provide online and in-person training, events and resources. The SHRM certification is the standard credential for HR professionals. HRM appears to have its origins in the United States in the 1950s, but it did not gain wide recognition until the beginning of the 1980s and in the U.K. until the mid to late 1980s. In India, the origin of human resource management can be traced to the concern for welfare of factory workers during the 1920s.

The mission of the Society for Human Resource Management is to serve the professional development needs of Human Resource Professionals, human potential and to build a world of work that works for all (Society for Human Resource Management [SHRM], 2022). The organization works through research, publications, and legislative input to advance the interests of the HR profession. It also empowers people and workplaces, by advancing HR practices, and by maximizing human potentials. Their vision is to build a world of work that works for all; with leaders on issues, impacting today’s evolving workplaces. With 300,0000+ HR and business executive members in 165 countries, SHRM impacts the lives of more than 115 million workers and families globally. motivating employees is a basic feature of human resource management in contrast with personal management. Main principle of the Human resource management is to see what should be given or provided to an employee for extracting the desired work, and to have skilled and competent people, to make their organization competent and best.

The key to success for any company is strengthening employee engagement. This improves the organization and helps to retain talent because engaged employees are usually satisfied with their jobs, take pride in the company and believe their employer values their individual contributions. Highly engaged employees are much less likely to quit and much more likely to be safe and productive. The SHRM teaches HR professionals how to increase employee organization, for example, user-friendly job designs will increase autonomy and meaningfulness, while better recruitment and selection practices will focus on hiring and promoting from within the company.  

In addition, a manager is someone who is responsible for accomplishing the organization’s goals, and who does so by managing the efforts of the organization’s people.

Most writers agree that managing involves performing five basic functions: planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling. In total, these functions represent the management process. Some of the specific activities involved in each function include:  

 Planning. Establishing goals and standards; developing rules and procedures; developing plans and forecasts.

Organizing. Giving each subordinate a specific task; establishing departments; delegating authority to subordinates; establishing channels of authority and communication; coordinating the work of subordinates  

 Staffing. Determining what type of people should be hired; recruiting prospective employees; selecting employees; setting performance standards; compensating employees; evaluating performance; counseling employees; training and developing employees  

 Leading. Getting others to get the job done; maintaining morale; motivating subordinates   

Controlling. Setting standards such as sales quotas, quality standards, or production levels; checking to see how actual performance compares with these standards; taking corrective action as needed It is all about anticipating change.


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The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) provides assistance to human resource professionals by enabling human resource managers to design programs that would lead to better operational results.” HRM’s objective is to ensure that a skilled and workforce may be procured and employed at the right place in organization as and when required.” (Chopra, 2017) SHRM has the object to find and understand the needs of present and future customers and to satisfy their customers by developing their employees. SHRM deals with the role of HRM systems and practices influencing the performance of the business. The way an organization manages, and sustains its human resources has a remarkable relationship with its performance and achievements. SHRM programs are expertly developed, cutting-edge content that incorporates the latest research, legislation and trends. “SHRM instructors have over 10 years of experience in educating thousands of HR and business professionals worldwide by providing program participants with the knowledge to effectively perform their daily duties, meet immediate needs and guide the development and application of key competencies that enhance their credibility in the long term.” ( Society for Human Resource Management, 2022)  SHRM instructors perform trainings virtually, on-site, or in person. “SHRM greatly contributes to the goal accomplishment, thereby making the organization sustain for a longer time. It supports the organization in implementing its business strategies successfully. It helps the company in creating and maintaining an edge over competitive advantage. It enhances the innovative potentials of the organization and improves its responses to the needs of its customers.It increases the number of achievable strategic options available to the organization. SHRM practices make a company successfully participates in strategic planning, thereby influencing the strategic directions available to it. It develops a support between the HR department and line managers which greatly strengthens cooperation between them.” (Chopra, 2017)

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The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a professional organization that helps promote and train Human Resource (HR) professionals. They also help to establish industry standards. Joining SHRM provides networking, additional education, and certificate opportunities. They also have conferences that allow HR professionals the opportunity to discuss developing issues and topics of the field. Overall, SHRM membership gives HR professionals a wider network to go to for help when dealing with problems that might be unique to them, but others have dealt with. Having that network allows members to better support their organization and its leadership. In the end, as SHRM states on the site, Our vision is to build a world of work that works for all” (2022).


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The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) plays a crucial role in creating better workplaces for the collective thriving of employers and employees. It acts as the voice of all things work, the workplace, and workers are, making it the foremost thought leader and expert on issues affecting the contemporary, rapidly evolving workplaces. It has more than 300 000 HR professionals and trade executives in one hundred and sixty-five countries and impacts the lives of more than 15 million employees and families worldwide (SHRM, 2020). Member HR professionals access vital resources, news, tools, best practices, and HR solutions. 

SHRM empowers individuals and workplaces by improving and developing HR practices and maximizing human potential. It is a premier professional organization for HR managers, directors, and generalists. It offers guidance to HR professionals by providing them with human resources associated news, projection, and public policy support (SHRM, 2020). They access in-person and online training, essential events, and vital resources for effective working.

Strengthening employee engagement is fundamental to the success of an organization. The SHRM guides HR professionals on ways to enhance employee organization. For instance, HR professionals learn user-friendly job designs to enhance autonomy and meaningfulness. It teaches them the best recruitment and selection practices for effective hiring and promotion (Human Resources MBA, 2022). It recommends best practices for reducing employee turnovers, such as offering telecommuting, fitness facilities, sabbaticals, and transportation. Through SHRM research, HR professionals learn the financial harms associated with high turnover rates and the reasons for ensuring high retention levels.  


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