HCM 307 Explain the overall impact of the change goals on the future of Healing Hands Hospital

HCM 307 Explain the overall impact of the change goals on the future of Healing Hands Hospital

HCM 307 Explain the overall impact of the change goals on the future of Healing Hands Hospital

The success of an organization such as a healthcare organization depends on various aspects that require the leaders to be proactive and take leading roles to enhance the chances of success. One such is planning which may entail labor and financial planning (Liebler & McConnell, 2020). Healing Hands Hospital needs to put in place appropriate plans that can help the facility grow and stay healthy on all fronts. Mr. Magone is excited about the change proposals, hence requesting for a summary to be presented. As such, the purpose of this paper is to formulate a brief paper that summarizes a short-term plan for the hospital. The summary will focus on unique goals covering various areas such as the payment structure, technology, potential mergers, and quality improvement.

Payment Structure

The nature of the payment structure can play a major role in minimizing or enhancing waste. Therefore, one of the unique goals is that the facility has to check the payment structure in an effort to close every loophole that may be causing losses. One such system could be one that automates the invoice tracking process and is also convenient to the patients. Such a system can play a key role in improving the handling of finances and follow-ups that lower various financial problems. The facility can also introduce a free-for-service system which has gained incredible popularity as a billing system (Haniputra et al., 2018). This system would improve the quality of medical intervention, accountability, and availability of the required resources.


Technology and technological advancements have seen substantial improvements in the healthcare environment; hence Healing Hands Hospital should take advantage of the existing and new technology to improve outcomes and help the organization grow. The hospital should focus on technology that improves the efficiency of operations and helps in the safe storage of patient data. For instance, telehealth should be integrated into managing ICU patients for better outcomes (Aledreesi et al., 2023). Technology should also be incorporated to help reduce or eliminate other aspects, such as medical and medication errors in the care environment. The facility has to consider enhanced use of electronic health records to help in better management of critically ill patients and improve their outcomes.

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Potential Mergers

Mergers can also be considered for better operations. While it may be a challenge to completely merge with other organizations with similar interests, the organization can consider merging some of the departments with those services offered by other organizations. This will allow the exchange of ideas, skills, and knowledge. Merging will also enhance capacity building since the staff will be able to learn from other professionals working in the other organization hence improving the organization (Greanery, 2018).

Quality Improvement

            Quality improvement is usually a core business of each and every healthcare organization. Therefore, as part of the plan, the organization has to focus on strategies that can help improve the quality of the organization. For example, the organization has to take proactive steps and identify areas of care that are still lagging behind and are not up to the appropriate benchmarks and come up with change initiatives and efforts that can help improve such areas of weakness for better quality (Braithwaite, 2018). Therefore, the unique change goals for quality improvement will be to identify areas of weakness and use appropriate quality improvement initiatives to improve such areas.


This write-up has summarized the short-term plan for Healing hands hospital. The summary has provided important aspects of changes needed in the organization for better operations and improvements. Changes have been proposed in the payment structure, emerging technologies, potential mergers, and quality improvement.


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