HCA 545 Discussion What education outreach programs does your organization have in place?

HCA 545 Discussion What education outreach programs does your organization have in place?

HCA 545 Discussion What education outreach programs does your organization have in place?

Educational Outreach Program (EOP) provides education and support services in the San Gabriel Valley section of Los Angeles County. The focus of EOP is to provide programs and activities that improve school performance, promote family communication, teach skills that are needed to meet various life tasks and alleviate stress, create opportunities for the development of leadership skills for both youth and their parents so that they can address issues that have an impact on their community, and increase awareness of professional opportunities in the health field for young people. The delivery method is through classroom instruction through schools and through community outreach centers. It is very effective and should continue and expand.

After-School Assistance Program

Designed for students in grades four through six, the After-School program provides students with extra help with their homework assignments and teaches them study skills they need to excel in school. The delivery method is through classroom instructions. It is a very effective way to teach the students and prepare them for their next class semester. It is necessary and effective and should continue.

Summer Learning in June and July

The half-day sessions are conducted for five weeks during the summer. A total heath enrichment program is designed for students from 11 to 12-years-old and includes activities that promote wellness in individuals and the community. Children participate in weekly field trips that include an educational experience, appreciation of nature with visits to the beach and hiking, and an excursion to an amusement park. The delivery method is through classroom instruction and field trips. This is a very effective program. It appeals to the students, gives the parents a place to send their children in June and July to keep them motivate and given adult instruction. It is very effective and should continue.

Mother and Daughters: Aprendiendo Juntas

Aprendiendo Juntas for sixth grade girls and their mothers is geared toward Latinas and provides opportunities for mothers to become educational and emotional advocates for their daughters to attend college. The seven-week program includes seminars on communication and the physical and social development of emerging teens. The course also better informs students about requirements for college, information on financial aid, and university tours. The delivery is through class instructions. This is a very informative class for mother and daughter and helps our Latino sisters to gain a greater command of class structure and it helps allows them to continue in their education. This is very needed and should continue.

HCA 545 Discussion What education outreach programs does your organization have in place
HCA 545 Discussion What education outreach programs does your organization have in place

Outreach Services for Parents

Classes are held at local schools in the Baldwin Park Unified, El Monte, Mountain View and La Puente School Districts, and in San Gabriel. Health professionals and Licensed Clinical Social Workers provide support and training in raising happy, healthy children. Additional outreach services include Mother/Father Read, Parents’ Expectations Support Achievement, Parent Project, Parent Academy and Family Affair. The delivery of this outreach is through classroom instruction. It is for all members of the family and appeals to all members of the family. This outreach is needed and should continue.

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Individual, group and family counseling services are available at local elementary, middle and high schools and in the evenings at the EOP facility.

Spanish Speaking Bereavement Group

The group is for adults 18-years or older who have suffered a loss of a loved one, and meets every Monday from 10:00 -11:30 a.m. at the EOP facility. Each session focuses on strategies to help deal with loss.

Training of Graduate Level Social Workers

The extensive curriculum and training program was established to help up to ten Social Work Interns develop skills and knowledge related to deepening therapeutic work with children, adolescents, adults and families while integrating ethical and legal standards.

Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL)

The goal of HEAL is to achieve long-term sustainable reductions in obesity and related chronic illnesses, including diabetes and heart disease. HEAL addresses behavioral, clinical, environmental and cultural factors that contribute to obesity through community based partnerships, grant-making, and education.

Trained staff provide technical assistance and help develop partnerships to community based organizations and collaboratives to address behavioral and environmental factors that contributes to chronic illnesses. The goal is to discover long-term, sustainable changes aimed at making their communities healthier places to live, work and play.

Through programs that integrate physical activity as part of daily life and provide access to fresh, nutritious, and affordable food, eventually, the healthy choice becomes the norm. This better way for healthy living prevents illness before it begins and reduces costs for care and coverage over the long term. For more information on HEAL programs: http://community.kp.org/be-informed/program/heal-zones


The training aims at providing the staff members with the right knowledge and skills to address the health care organization’s community. I agree that Educational Outreach Program (EOP) is an important program in the San Gabriel Valley section of Los Angeles County. EOP provides the required education and support service that is fundamental for the nurses. Ensuring that the EOP addresses the health care organization’s needs, training centers have class programs and After-School Assistance Program. All these programs intend to improve the competence of the staff members beyond the school to make them viable in the field. Seminar and workshop are crucial in training since it allows nurses to get new knowledge from others. Knowledge exchange improves individual competence which is important in health care.

Re: Module 5 DQ 2

When I decided to decide to work at the Veteran’s Affairs, a great decider was for me to find a way that I can give back to the individuals that have given some much to the country.
In 2016 studies showed that 14% of homeless adult men were veterans and 2% of homeless women. These percentages are heartbreaking when you think of what these people have gone through.

I am proud to say that the Greater Los Angeles Veteran’s Affairs has many different programs for our homeless veterans. The VA has a program called the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development VA supportive Housing. This program covers the veterans and their families to find and sustain permanent housing. Other programs, such as Domiciliary Care for Homeless Veterans, Homeless Veteran Community Employment Services, Compensated work therapy, Homeless care for Homeless Veterans, Homeless Patient Aligned Care Teams, Community Resource, and Referral Center.

An old saying is you give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. The goal is to acclimate these individuals back into healthy everyday life. We don’t want to care for them an continue to leave them in need. The VA teaches skills that they can use to not only provide for themselves but also their families. give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime

There are always ways to improve and do more. My prayer is that many people we see the good the VA is doing and would like to join and be a part of the improvements we can do.Currently the efforts have been effective. I would like more attention to be focused on veterans with mental health issues and drug and alcohol abuse.


Good afternoon, giving back to the country or society is a noble course and a commitment to some people. Although giving back to the community is a noble course it is not something easy to undertake. Individuals have different needs and preferences. Therefore, satisfying these needs may be challenging. However, the Veteran’s Affairs (VA) has the protocols and programs that enable people who have the intention of giving back to the country to do so. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development VA supportive Housing is a program that ensures that the veterans and their families have good housing. The VA understands the power of empowering these people and their families to live without prioritizing help from the authority. Some programs support empowerment among the veterans.