Find one artifact that has a distinct family reference, value system, or story.

COM 231 Grand Canyon Week 7 Assignment Collaborative Learning Community: Artifact

This is a CLC assignment.

As a group, select two artifacts for analysis – one not yet used in class.

Find one artifact that has a distinct family reference, value system, or story. Find another artifact that lacks family references, value systems, or a story element.

For the first artifact, show how a family reference, value system, and/or story factored into its persuasive nature. It is possible that your first artifact could have elements of one or all of the elements we are working with. One of the elements may be predominant or there may be a combination.

For the second artifact, rewrite or reconstruct the artifact so that a family reference, value system, or story will make an effective change. In reconstructing your second artifact, it may be possible to include just one of the elements or all three. As a group, use your judgment and attempt to explain and create the persuasion that you need.

Apply the theories and ideas from the Module 4 text, lectures, and discussions to explain the persuasive nature of each artifact.

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation to show your learning. It should include at least 10 slides including a title page with group members’ names, each main point on its own slide with supporting evidence, a conclusion slide, and a reference slide.

You might address some of the following ideas in your presentation:

Describe the audience the message was designed for.

Describe how the artifact qualifies as persuasion under the definitions we talked about.

What theories explain the effectiveness of the artifact?

Is the family reference or value system necessary for persuasion?

Does the artifact qualify as a story according to the Module 4 text, lectures, and discussions?

Does a story form help the artifact?

Would a story form change?

Would family or value systems references make the argument stronger?

Was the artifact written ethically?

How could it be written differently so that it would be ethical?

Make it fun, but informative, showing depth of thought and critical thinking.

You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Refer to the directions in the Student Success Center. Only Word documents can be submitted to Turnitin.