ELM-305-D-T6 Vocabulary Strategies Essay


The vocabulary game is unique and complicated in the first stage. However, as the game continues it is simplified. The uniqueness of this game is the fact that it is an informative game. The ten vocabularies in this game will benefit Jacob and other learners with same complication as Jacob.  Therefore, the game is worth it despite of the complication. The purpose of having the vocabulary game was to breakdown Jacob’s vocabularies complications in science and social studies. The vocabulary game allows learners to develop their language through playing. The game motivate the students because it breaks the monotony of interacting with vocabularies in class. The flexibility of this game allows the learners to interact with these vocabularies outside the classroom (Lee, 2017). The students with vocabulary problems have an alternative that may entice them to spend a lot of their time to tackle their vocabulary issues. Supposedly, it was a classwork some learners could have minimized the time spend on understanding these terminologies. The game allowed Jacob to select ten vocabularies based on his preference.  According to him, he has issues handling terminologies in science and social studies. Therefore, the game allowed him to select these terminologies and propose a way the teacher can guide him to understand these concepts (Schutz, 2011). Also, the game mandated Jacob with certain roles.  The game was tailored based on Jacob’s conditions on thee words’ knowledge. Another learner with the same condition as Jacob can benefit a lot from the game. The nature of this play consider ELLs and students with special needs.


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