EDU 626 Week 4 Critical Thinking Questions

EDU 626 Week 4 Critical Thinking Questions

After reading Chapters 10-14 of the text, answer the following reflective questions that will require you to think and respond critically. In a two- to five-page paper, address the following questions using specific examples from your professional experience and cite the text when possible:

a. Locate an example of published survey research in a reputable journal. Compare and contrast it with the article that appears in its entirety in Chapter 11 regarding (a) purpose, (b) organization, (c) data collection and analysis, and (d) conclusions.

b. What differentiates correlational research from other types of research?

c. What are the principal data sources in experimental and quasi-experimental research?

d. Suppose you wanted to study a community’s satisfaction with its schools. Describe how you might plan your study.