DNP 810 Discuss two principles your personal worldview has in common with GCU’s Christian worldview

DNP 810 Discuss two principles your personal worldview has in common with GCU’s Christian worldview

DNP 810 Discuss two principles your personal worldview has in common with GCU’s Christian worldview

Mission and vision of my practice site aligns with my personal worldview and it aligns with my chosen school as well. It is to provide highest standards of compassion, commitment, excellence, professionalism, integrity, accountability and stewardship. These values are needed and important to each and everyone in providing care for our patients. This supports the service that we provide and means that we care in everything we do. Developing plans and taking action will ensure safety of our patients and will support management team when emergency issues or problems arise. In my practice area we are committed to provide ICARE (Integrity, Commitment, Advocacy, Respect and Excellence)to our Veterans. We care for those who served and their families and we take pride in giving our best everyday to provide excellent care for our Veterans. Besides that we care for our fellow employees too and perform our duties the best in our abilities.

I chose GCU because it coincide with my values and personal worldview. I am a catholic and GCU is a Christian University has similarity when it comes to our beliefs and traditions. Sharing the love of Christ to all and being selflessness is what we should be giving. Having faith, being humble, following the right path of what our Jesus has shown us and committed to have a strong foundation to lead and be able to transform when needed. Honoring God in all that we do and practice our christian beliefs is important. Its mission is to develop leaders, ministers and scholars who rightly handle God’s Word teach what accords with sound doctrine and equip the people of God for missional service within rapidly changing world (GCU, 2020). As a DNP learner, it is important that I agree with the mission and vision of the school because I want it to have a meaning.


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My personal views are like Grand Canyon University’s (GCU) Christian worldview, vision, and mission. My Christian faith has molded me to act as a representative of God, doing all things through Him and for Him. I was also raised to treat others based on how I would like to be treated. This coincides with GCU’s belief in integrating faith with learning, work, and service to honor God in all that we do (GCU, 2021). This mission and mindset enable me to look beyond the differences I have with others and to treat and care for them in a manner that God would. I work in an organization that is based on the Jewish faith, rather than Christian. Although there are disagreements in belief, both allow us to care for patients with love and kindness, setting aside differences in religion, lifestyles, and faith. With this, GCU intentionally created a mission and culture that is exemplified by a welcoming spirit and loving service for everyone (GCU, 2021). This, too, aligns with my personal view because it is my goal to care for those who are sick and vulnerable, despite their illnesses or differences. Welcoming others and creating a healing environment in the workplace enables patients to attain optimal wellness and allows staff to care and practice clear-minded in a hospitable environment.

DNP 810 Discuss two principles your personal worldview has in common with GCU's Christian worldview
DNP 810 Discuss two principles your personal worldview has in common with GCU’s Christian worldview


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My personal worldview/values are in alignment with Grand Canyon University’s (GCU) Christian worldview. Values I consider my basic core values of integrity, authenticity, justice, honesty, empathy, and compassion to provide a foundation to align with GCU’s values and my project sit mission and vision statement. As doctoral students, we are expected to apply values defined by professional, life, education, and organizational work with the GCU mission that provides us with a “challenging, values-based curriculum from a background of Christian heritage”. (Grand Canyon University, 2021) GCU’s view “regeneration by the Holy Spirit is essential for salvation and that the work of God’s Spirit in the human heart invariably results in renewed purpose and the growth of Christ-like love for neighbors and neighborhoods.” (Grand Canyon University, nd). Christian life involves compassion and care, not only for the spiritual needs of mankind but also for basic physical needs that stem from poverty, oppression and injustice” (Grand Canyon University, nd) As a student learner and professional in the workplace relying on my faith is necessary for my progression. Integrating faith in work is essential to face the challenges working in healthcare can hold. “Lord Jesus instructed His followers to live as salt and light within society, which implies a call to live out our lives in ways that contribute to the common good” (Grand Canyon University, nd). This statement integrates my values while integrating GCU and the mission and vision statement of my projected worksite. The mission and statement of my projected project site, is “to inspire and partner to create quality and equity in individual and community health. Our vision is healthy communities for all individuals, regardless of income and or social factors.” (CareOregon, 2020). I believe my values are in alignment with my project site and the worldview of GCU. The importance of being accountable for maintaining high standards and outcomes in all aspects of work. And being d stewards of the public trust and the public dollar. Ensuring decisions are informed, fiscally responsible, open, and easily understood. (Grand Canyon University, nd)

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My personal worldview is the principles that guide my decisions and life. They allow me to make sense of my life and world, as well as determine how I perceive my reality. In addition, they guide my ethical and moral beliefs and actions while allowing me to integrate cultural, religious, and spiritual elements to respond meaningfully to the challenges and opportunities I face in life (Grinspun & Bajnok, 2018). My worldview as a Christian is that I was made in the image of God and I live to do His will on earth. I believe in the absolute truth that God is the Almighty Creator who has dominion over everything and is an all-knowing God. A personal worldview involves aspects of one’s personality as well as an emotional connection to the environment and the people who inhabit it.

At Grand Canyon University, I believe that these factors are essential to the development of self-awareness, self-knowledge, and depth of character. It is because of this that they cultivate an atmosphere of open dialogue with students who have different worldviews but are open-minded enough to engage others with respect and understanding. A university experience should involve open dialogue, respectful interaction, critical thought, and a pursuit of truth. The first step in developing and using a Christian worldview is to realize the word “Truth”.

The Bible says that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. No man comes to the Father except through him (John 14: 6). We shall know the truth and the truth will set us free. Truth is recorded in the word of God, and it is the focal point of our lives contrary to the teachings and beliefs of human philosophers. When it comes to hard work, it emphasizes that achieving success is possible only through hard work, and doing so is the individual’s personal responsibility. my worldview is influenced by the bible and my environment with a focus on trying to lead a Christian life. This worldview has influenced how I perceive my workplace and when providing nursing services, helping in developing standards that help me make decisions that I can live with.


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Being made in the image of God is a powerful reminder. Such a beautiful perspective to remember, especially when dealing with difficult and challenging people we can come across in our lives. Thank you for sharing that principle as yet another reminder of the honor we have to care for people and our communities. I enjoy discussing with people who have different worldviews

from me. It fosters critical thinking and pushes me to self-reflect on my own beliefs, principles, and worldviews. Depending on the conversation, it can even strengthen my own worldview and principles.

As you discussed, Grand Canyon University does embody the Christian philosophy and encourages self-reflection. Self-reflection and self-awareness create a vulnerability of one’s self but can lead to growth, awareness, and understanding (Tanner et al., 2017). An essence of Christianity is truth. I was in a bible study where we examined this concept. There is only one truth, if it is only somewhat true, it is not truth. This can open up a Pandora’s box if multiple truths (nontruths) are allowed to be acted on as truth. It was a powerful lesson for me!


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“A university experience should involve open dialogue, respectful interaction, critical thought, and a pursuit of truth” (GCU,2017). As a Christian university, Grand Canyon University’s vision is built upon the tenets of the Christian faith. The university’s approach to education is founded on its Christian perspectives. However, it also welcomes students whose worldviews or perspectives are different from the university’s. Students’ academic evaluation are therefore based on their performance in the classroom and not on their personal beliefs (GCU Christian Worldview, 2017).

As a Christian, I share some, or most of GCU’s Christian worldview. Two principles my personal worldview has in common with GCU’s Christian worldview are: respectful interaction and pursuit of truth. Respectful interaction among students, between the university and families, and between students and both academic and non-academic staff is important in any academic setting. Mutual respect is healthy and thus creates a healthy learning environment, promotes dignity and nurtures confident individuals with high self-esteem that eventually become high achievers (GCU Christian Worldview, 2017).

Truth is an aspect of the Christian worldview which affects human value and dignity, ethical decision-making, academic disciplines, and vocation. My place of practice encourages truth mutual respect among the employees and between employees and patients because truth and honesty are important ways to foster trust and show respect for the patient. Patients place a great deal of trust in their clinicians and may feel disappointed if they discover or perceive lack of honesty and transparency by the clinician. Being dishonest or untruthful would seem disrespectful to patient’s autonomy and potentially harm them (SJU,2009).


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GCU follows the Christian worldview and has values, beliefs and practices that coincide with biblical teachings. GCU follows “selflessness, sacrificial service and an ever-increasing love of the Lord and our neighbors” (Grand Canyon University, n.d). GCU also identifies the principles of learning, work and service. My worldview consists of selflessness and sacrificial service similar to the values mentioned above. These values and principles are also integrated into the mission of my practice site. Loma Linda University Medical Center (n.d.) is committed to patient care as a Christian institution and upholds a mission to “continue the teaching and healing ministry of Jesus Christ”. The institution values compassion, integrity, wholeness, justice, excellence, humility and wholeness (Loma Linda University Health, n.d). The institution promotes patient care through these values with the emphasis of holistic care to provide high standards for exceptional care.   

I have chosen Grand Canyon University and Loma Linda University Medical Center due to the comradery and nature of service to others. An institution that values the same principles as my own carries greater compassion, learning and leadership towards the common goal of service. It is simple to be a part of an organization with principles that align with my own and it generates an increased work ethic. These values are seen in everyday communication amongst all staff members regardless of their positions. The nursing and provider staff service the community in the busy emergency department and continue to put time aside to complete mission work and community service. The spiritual value of a Christian healthcare institution assists with growing in health, promoting wellness and positive relationships, and demonstrating a positive and peaceful attitude.  

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My personal worldview of kindness, integrity, caring for others, self-awareness, and honor all align with the Christian values of those at GCU. Caring for others has been something I have seen as my own path in life and has been cultivated within GCU. GCU’s Statement on the Integration of Faith and Work (GCU, n.d.) states that God created us to continue to care for and cultivate the world he created. I interpret this to mean, that not only should I care for the world created, but all those he created to be in it. Although spiritual healing is essential, physical and mental healing can lead us to becoming the whole we need to reach salvation. Having honor is another shared value with GCU. Honoring those within my life, those that I meet along the way, and God is part of what makes me who I am. Without honor I could not feel secure in what I do and the impact that it makes on others.

The values for the Alaska Native Medical Center (ANMC) where I am doing my DPI project include achieving excellence, self-determination, respect, health and wellness, and compassion. (, 2022) Their mission is to make the best possible healthcare available to the Alaska Native population. ANMC places the patient and their cultural needs at the forefront of care. They have found that placing cultural demands as the basis for the care that is given has provided a respectful and compassionate environment for our patients. Many do not understand the mistrust and hate for western medicine this population carries. It has caused many delays in care and poor outcomes. However, by placing the patient’s needs as the foundation of care it has drastically changed that view.

GCU, AMNC, and I all share many values. Our guiding value is that of whom we serve and how we serve them. I have found that when I draw on my own spirituality and in incorporate it into the care of my patients there is a direct link between healing both in spirit and health. Human kindness goes a long way in developing a connection necessary to gain trust and faith in the one you are caring for.  

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Grand Canyon University (GCU) is rooted in a Christian worldview. Intertwined with the work and academic expectations are tenets of the Christian faith. As Christians, we are called upon to care for others. So essential is this precept of faith, caring for others or serving others is a common theme found in the Statement on the Integration of Faith and Work from GCU (Grand Canyon University, n.d.). Another common theme is to bring the love of Jesus Christ to others. Through actions and behaviors, GCU students are called to bring the gospel to life. In doing so, we are treating others with the same amount of respect and caring as we would wish to be treated. As defined by Hajbaghery and Bolandian (2020), care is the union of love and respect. Treating others with love and respect is how I would want to be treated. I would want a caring presence! This aligns with my personal principles of service to others and treating others as I would like to be treated.

Altru Health System’s mission statement is: “Improving health, enriching lives” (Altru Health System, 2022). To deliver world-class health care to our community, the health system strives to meet the needs and expectations of patients, provide high-quality care, work as a team and treat others with honesty, respect, and loyalty, and improve our community health (Altru Health System, n.d.). These guiding principles align with Grand Canyon’s values as it values people. Altru is a secular health system, however, is patient-centered and puts concern for others first. Care is not contained in a silo. As Hajbaghery and Bolandian (2020) explain to care without love would be to disregard human values. The nursing principles at Altru Health System incorporate improving holistic care to provide the most current and up-to-date scientific practice (Altru Health System, 2022). The theoretical framework on which nursing at Altru is based is Jean Watson’s Theory of Caring. Indispensable to this theory is caring for others not only considering where they are currently at but looking at what the patient could become (Petiprin, 2020). This is service to others. In caring for others and seeking to provide quality-driven care to patients along with concern to improve the health of the community, Altru Health System’s guiding Mission, Vision, and Values connect with Grand Canyon University’s Christian principles.  


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