Discuss Why You Have Decided To Complete Your BSN At This Time

Discuss Why You Have Decided To Complete Your BSN At This Time

Discuss Why You Have Decided To Complete Your BSN At This Time

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Primarily, a Bachelors’ of science in nursing (BSN) is important because it equips the learning nurse with skills required to handle a patient with care. It is always essential to acquire more technical skills are new infections may arise. One of the reasons why I have decided to complete my Bachelor’ of Science (BSN) at this time is because there is a scarcity of nurses. Helping people has always been my passion ever since I was but a child, and therefore it’s saddening that sick people can get the right treatment because of the scarcity of the professionals. The only way I can help patients is by getting a BSN degree.

Discuss Why You Have Decided To Complete Your BSN At This Time

However, completing the BSN is not as easy as it sounds because there is a lot of pressure, both occupational and from family. The BSN requires the learner to commit, and with a lot of stress, the learner may be unable to pay close attention to the specifics. Over and above the BSN, other things still play in the background, and which the learner cannot just pause. They include school, family life, and even work, but with sacrifice, it is manageable (Duffy et al., 2014). Sacrifice entails taking small leaves from work and going for evening classes and limiting family time. Another concern that may hinder completion of BSN is a lack of financial support, which will mean the student will have to stay in school longer (Wojciechowski, 2017). It is possible to avoid this by using savings and applying for student loans. To succeed fully, the student has to maintain diligence, organizational, and management skills. Lastly, the student has to be engaged in class either by asking questions or noting down important points.

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Re: Topic 1 DQ 1
As an RN who started as a nurse aide, I have realized how important it is to get higher education. Higher education makes the nurse

Discuss Why You Have Decided To Complete Your BSN At This Time
Discuss Why You Have Decided To Complete Your BSN At This Time

understand nursing and give care that will improve patient outcomes. Moreover, when most hospitals in Ohio hire RNs, they give timelines and encouragement to get BSN, which has also encouraged me to get my BSN.My main challenge will be balancing work and school, including family duties. Because I will need time to work on my study materials, I believe it will affect my finances in the short term, but the long-term goal of obtaining my BSN gives me hope for the future.

In an online program, it is challenging to navigate the system, and therefore, asking questions and getting clarity from the instructor will help the student understand the course material (Lake and von Baeyer, 2005). Also, time management is vital to be able to balance time between family and classwork. Adequate time management ensures success when the student balances time between leisure, school work, and family (Murphy, 2018). These strategies will be incorporated into my daily life while working on my BSN to ensure success.

Discuss Why You Have Decided To Complete Your BSN At This Time

Discuss Why You Have Decided To Complete Your BSN At This Time, And The Concerns You Have About Completing Your Baccalaureate Degree
Discuss Why You Have Decided To Complete Your BSN At This Time, And The Concerns You Have About Completing Your Baccalaureate Degree. Based On The Readings In The Course Materials, What Strategies Can You Implement To Be A Successful Student?

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I have decided to complete my BSN for a few different reasons. One reason is to further my knowledge in the most recent evidence based practice of nursing in order to provide better patient care. Academic nursing research is crucial to providing quality nursing care because it gives the foundation for evidence-based practice (EBP) that is often the catalyst for changes that impact patient outcomes (Falkner 2018). The next reason is my place of work requires that all ADN nurses obtain a BSN or higher within 3 years of hire, and lastly the more education I achieve the higher I get paid. All three of these reasons point back to an overarching idea that I am here getting my BSN to further myself along in my career and become a better nurse. I don’t have many concerns with getting started in my bachelorette program except the sole fact that I’d rather be outside enjoying playing sports or doing activities outside rather than being on the computer. I have never been one to like sitting on a computer for any period of time really. A few strategies that I can implement is time management, using evidence based practice sources of information, and remembering to ask for help when I don’t understand or am feeling overwhelmed. Enlist your family to keep a master calendar so everyone knows when you’re working, going to class and studying. And be sure to schedule some free time for the things you like to do, whether it’s working out, reading, listening to music or spending time with your family. That balance will help you get through the rigors of nursing school (Murphy 2015).

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