BEHS 364 Describe the economic burden of alcohol use and why it is problematic

Describe the economic burden of alcohol use and why it is problematic. Include at least three concepts covered in the readings and how they apply to economic burden. Include information from the perspective of someone impacted by alcohol use burden and respond to two of your classmates’ postings.

Globally, there are many economic burdens from alcohol use. To control the abuse of alcohol, state officials want to govern how alcohol plays a part in various issues such as “highway safety, sexually transmitted diseases, liver cirrhosis mortality, and violent crime (Cook & Cook, 2007).’

Alcohol’s burden on pregnancy causes havoc on many lives. Babies of alcoholic mothers have a great chance of being born with “a low birthweight (LBW) and preterm births (PTB) (Subbaraman & Roberts, 2019).’ The cost of states managing the prenatal and aftercare effect of drinking during pregnancy is a lot, and a mother can risk a charge of child abuse or negligence.

Drinking can also lead to the breaking down of personal and professional relationships. Consumption of alcohol can affect motor skills in how you communicate verbally and physically interact. Children exposed to alcoholism suffer in many ways. Families of alcoholics often need therapy to address the traumatic experiences they have been exposed to from the effects of drinking. If a person has an alcohol problem and allows it to affect their jobs or professional relationships, they risk losing their jobs.

Another burden is the effect it has on drinking and driving. When people choose to drink and drive, they risk the chance of ruining their life and the lives of others. MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, is a grassroots organization started by their children or loved ones being injured or killed by drunk drivers (Cook & Cook, 2007). Groups and organizations such as MADD help fight for severe punishment for violators.

I know firsthand how alcohol can affect families, so I seek to gain more knowledge to assist and better understand how to help my loved ones affected by the burden of alcohol. I have watched how it does not just affect the person drinking but those closest to them; having to navigate around them while inebriated is no way to live.


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