Assignment: Psychology Research: Scientific Method

The scientific method allows us to pose questions, test questions, and analyze results. Through observation and research, we begin to understand the world around us. Consider research you have read about or been a part of and analyze the following in one page:

  • Was the Scientific method followed? How?
  • What pieces were or were not part of it? (Randomization, study type, placebos, etc.)

For the second part, present a research project you would like to propose in approximately one page.

  • How can it help us learn about basic principles of behavior?
  • How can you use the scientific method to find and address possible problems in your research design?

This paper should be 2pages in length and use APA formatting. If you use any outside sources, please cite those sources in APA citation format.

Emotional States and Stress When a pregnant woman experiences intense fears, anxieties, and other emotions or negative mood states, physiological changes occur that may affect her fetus. A mother’s stress may also influence the fetus indirectly by increasing the likelihood that the mother will engage in unhealthy behaviors such as taking drugs and receiving poor prenatal care.

How Would You…?

As a health-care professional, what advice would you give to an expectant mother who is

experiencing extreme psychological stress? High maternal anxiety and stress during pregnancy can have long-term consequences for the offspring (Bauer, Knapp, & Parsonage, 2016; Brunton, 2015; Dalke, Wentzel, & Kim, 2016; Fan & others, 2016). A recent study found that high levels of depression, anxiety, and stress during pregnancy were linked to internalizing problems in adolescence (Betts & others, 2014). A research review indicated that pregnant women with high levels of stress are at increased risk for having a child with emotional or cognitive problems, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and language delay (Taige & others, 2007). Also, a large-scale study found that a higher level of maternal stress in the period immediately prior to conception posed a risk for infant mortality (Class & others, 2013). Another study revealed that maternal stressful life events prior to conception increased the risk of having a very low birth weight infant (Witt & others, 2014). Page 62