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Florida Institute of Technology

Journal Entries

Journal Entry 1: The Best Leader I Have Experienced

The best leader that I have experienced is a community leader at my community. She advocated for better values for the youth in the community through education and positive role modeling. Her mission was making sure that youth grew up with admirable behaviors and character and were well equipped to avoid pitfalls related to negative peer pressure.

To greatest trait that she possesses was being influential and purposeful. These are two great traits that served her best as a leader because she was gifted with the ability to influence other and she chooses to use this to serve a great cause that left a lot of impact in the lives of many. The two traits that made me willing to follow her is the fact she was visionary and knew how to inspire others.

This leader is a leader who had a vision for a better community and which she was willing to execute by nurturing the youths today. The fact that she was so clear on the impact she intended to make and know how to inspire others to buy into the overall vision is the reason why I and I am sure many others followed. She did not only inspire me to follow her as a leader but also to emulate positive attributes of her behaviour. The major thing I try to emulate from her is leading with a purpose that is ensuring that I serve a higher purpose in anything I do since this is the way to leave a legacy.

Journal Entry 2: Self-Assessment 1-1: Leadership Potential

In this leadership self-assessment, I scored quite high since my score was 45. This means that I have a high leadership potential. I agree with this because, based on past experiences working with people and in teams, I often find myself taking the lead on things and over time I have proven to myself that I have great potential to be a good leader.

Information provided from this assessment is great first because it serves as affirmation to my thought that I can be good in leadership. This can help provide greater motivation to take up more roles of leadership. Further, this information can be useful in helping to assess my strengths as well as weaknesses in leadership and with this set myself up to be a better leader.

From this assessment, the one thing that I need to work on the most to improve is being more flexible to change and to learning. This is because I love stability so much that I can be unaccomodative of new things and this is a negative trait when it comes to leadership. This information will be used for self-improvement efforts to be better in leadership especially in times of change.

Journal Entry 3: Self-Assessment 1-2: Managerial Leadership Skills

In this assessment, I scored the same score for technical skills and interpersonal skills at 16. I, however, scored the highest for the decision-making skills at 20. In terms of my leadership skills, this assessment suggests I am best at decision-making skills as compared to my people and technical skills.

I completely agree with the findings of this assessment. This is because based on how I know and understand myself, I love working with information, thinking and solving problems and I consider these some of my strengths. This information is great affirmation which can be very useful in helping me choose the right leadership projects to work on. By knowing my strength, I can use them to be the best possible in leadership.

Based on this assessment my preference is working with conceptual ideas. This information is crucial because it reveals the leadership role which I would thrive at the most. I will use this information to pick up roles that best much my strength to help cause a greater impact.


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