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The Final Proposal will be submitted in the form of an APA style paper and must include the following:

1. Mechanics: 12-pt Times New Roman font; double-spaced, 1-inch margins all around

2. Title Page: The first page of the proposal; must include a running head, page numbers begin on the Title Page.

3. Abstract: The Abstract is the second page of the proposal and should briefly introduce your topic, explain your hypothesis and why you predict a particular outcome (see example proposal).

4. Introduction: The Introduction begins on the third page of the paper and includes the information you gathered during your literature review. Specifically, the introduction addresses the following:

a. Importance of the topic: Why is this topic important or interesting?

b. Summary of research: Summarize and cite your research, explaining how the studies you looked at and the deficiency in those studies relate to your research question.

c. Hypothesis: What is your hypothesis? Why do you think it is true? The hypothesis should be stated clearly. The logic supporting the hypothesis should be explained in a thorough and persuasive way.

d. Operational definitions: Include operational definitions for all key terms in your hypothesis.

5. Method: The Method section explains the details of your proposed experiment and should include the following:

a. Variables: The independent and dependent variables are defined. What is the factor that you will manipulate (the independent variable) that you predict will affect the outcome?

b. Participant/s selection: How will you select your participants? Will there be multiple groups? How will you assign participants to groups? Clearly define the experimental and control groups. How will you assure a representative sample?

c. Procedure: How will you measure the dependent variable?

d. Experimental bias: how will you address and reduce bias?

e. Informed consent: Explain how you will obtain informed consent from subjects to ensure no ethical violations will occur.

6. Results: The Results section includes a discussion of the numbers/variables that you will compare. Use statements like “The researcher will compare the scores of group X and group Y to determine if they differ.”

a. Possible Outcomes: The outcome of your procedure is predicted and discussed. Evaluation of that outcome is described.

7. Discussion: What does the predicted outcome mean?

a. Possible Modification/s: Possible modifications for future research are discussed.

b. Ethical considerations: Is anything about this experiment ethically questionable? Describe how you would deal with ethical concerns pertaining to your research.

c. Potential confounds: Can another factor explain your findings? Is your internal and external validity strong?

8. References: The following criteria must be met:

a. References are presented in APA format (in-text citations and the Reference page)

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