Assignment: Family Therapy Planning Assignments

For the “Family, Marriage and Couples Therapy Movie/TV Experience” project, I choose to focus on Victor Newman and Nikki Newman from The Young and The Restless.

This couple completely captivates and challenges me at the same time. Victor Newman is a completely controlling individual with a disturbing background and Nikki Newman is a prostitute who blossoms into a strong-willed and minded individual. When Victor first met Nikki, he fell in love with a hooker and wanted to own her. What drives me into this couple now is they think alike, and they learn from each other. Over the years they begin to develop as a couple with insecurities, marriage with problems, and fears. I am excited to challenge myself with this couple and relate some of their qualities to my past relationship’s patterns. My goal is to take this project slowly and carefully in order to detail it as I possibly can. I watch this soap opera at the end of my day, and I plan on working the two topics each week to gamer as much as possible.

Grading Rubric for Family, Marriage and Couples Therapy Movie/TV Experience & Analysis Paper (Due week 11): 28 points

 1) Pick 1 movie or “binge” watch a TV show (at least 6 -8 episodes) related to Couples and Family & list the movie with a reference or list shows with title if available. (3 points)

2) Answered or addressed the 18 assessment areas in assessment format. (20 points)

3) Referenced the TV show/movies you watch, your texts and other Couple and Family Therapy resources you use to support your thoughts/ideas (5 points).


Welcome! Project 1 -The assessment is a couples or family assessment. Stay focused on what couple or family you will use and what their presenting problem is to bring them into counseling. The Young and the Restless. Be specific and clear and use references with everything you do (the information cis coming from someplace).

Project 2 -The short paper and power point are evidenced based on an approach to a specific problem with a couple/family and use references in all you do. Stay involved in your couples/family assessment project that is to be built throughout the class as a best practice. Print and understand the details for both projects and keep notes and outline your work along the way to get more out of it than waiting until the end. Each week (Discussion Assignments) stay connected in the discussions and sign up for notifications to stay active. Couple and family work are so much fun! Enjoy, stay focused and be well.