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I just attached the article, please read it and write 3 pages. The first page agree argument, the second page disagree argument, the last page is an opinion for the article

Singh D, Young RK. 1995. Body weight, waist-to-hip ratio, breasts,

and hips: Role in judgments of female attractiveness and

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577Intrasexual Competition Among Women

Aggr. Behav.position in his company, with attendant pay and status increases. The promotion will go to either the central character or a rival about whom the central character knows some personal gossip. Although the gossip is irrelevant to the rival’s qualifications for the promotion, the central char- acter knows that if the company’s board of directors learns the gossip, the rival will probably be removed from consideration and the promotion will go to the central character. The central character then decides either not to spread the gossip, and then gets the position (ethical/success) or does not (ethical/failure), or to spread the gossip and gets the position (un- ethical/success). Another scenario described a young actress in Holly- wood who dreams of being a star. A more experienced actress suggested that to get a break she will need to ‘‘sleep’’ with important people, such as producers and directors, in the film business. The central character then decides either to ignore this advice, and then becomes a star (ethical/suc- cess) or does not get any desirable roles (ethical/failure), or decides to follow the advice and becomes a star (unethical/success). Although these scenario types involve ethical decision making and important career choices, they differ on a variety of dimensions (e.g., nature of the act, type of career, sex of central character) and therefore provide a reason- able test of generalizability.1

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