Assignment: Critical Decision Making For Providers

Make sure you choose “IGNORE PROBLEM”

 Do not include both scenarios in your paper.

 Required outline to be used for your paper.  Please keep to the facts and not add extraneous information.

 I.            Introduction

A.      Overview of scenario

B.      [Topic sentence/thesis statement]

II.            Topics

A.      What were the consequences of a failure to stop and to report?

1.       [Example(s)]

B.      What impact did this decision have on patient safety?

1.       [Example(s)]

C.       What are the risks for litigation?

D.       What affect will this have on the workload of other hospital departments?

E.       What affect does this have on the organization quality metrics?

III.            Mikes manager

A.      Acting as Mike’s manager what will you do to address the issue with him?

1.       [Example(s)]

B.      Acting as Mike’s manager how will you ensure your staff members’ do not repeat the same mistakes?

1.       [Example(s)]

IV.             Short conclusion