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Bandura’s theory emphasized each individual as an active, influential aspect of thier environment. Primary to his theory is the idea that our own beliefs about our abilities can have a significant impact on how we approach the world and on the formation of our personality.

Reflecting on what you know about the social cognition view of personality, how do schools and/or parents influence children’s sense of self-efficacy? Create a list of recommendations for teachers and/or parents to promote healthy personality development.

Post your recommendations to the discussion area and comment on the recommendations of at least 2 other class members.�

General Discussion Reminders:

You are required to post your initial answers by Friday at midnight; your comments on the postings of your classmates are due on Sunday at midnight. Please be sure that your comments to peers are substantive; in other words, do not simply write “I agree”; if you agree, go on to expand your comments and add your own insights.

I will use the following grading rubric to score your discussion postings:

1 – 3 points – Provided only minimal response with no elaboration OR failed to complete follow-up postings.

4 – 7 points – Provided basic response and follow-up postings. All postings are clear and relevant, but need to be elaborated in more detail.

8 – 10 points – Provided detailed, complete responses and follow-up postings. All responses are elaborated and clear.

Learning Theory: Skinner and Bandura – Homework

Behaviorism, particularly operant conditioning, emphasizes the role of the environment in shaping personality growth and development. Using what you know about Skinnerian theory, answer the following questions:

A teacher wanted to stop some children from losing control of themselves in the classroom.  She decided to give them a check-mark every time they lost control.  If they went three days with no check-marks, they received a plastic toy car.  After a week she gave up because the approach did not seem to be working.  Evaluate the teacher’s effort, assess why it did not work, and suggest an alternative behavior modification procedure.

Imagine the following situation: A four-year-old child is throwing a temper tantrum in the candy isle of the grocery store. Embarrassed, the mother quickly buys the child the desired candy in order to avoid an embarrassing scene. Explain how this situation demonstrates both positive and negative reinforcement. Using what you know about operant conditioning, what would you advise the mother to do? Be specific and defend your answer.

Due on Sunday by midnight.Submit your answer via the dropbox as a Word or RTF file.�

� INCLUDEPICTURE “https://ci4.googleusercontent.com/proxy/GTb7s2OM04kj5v01qi7pd4P37AIbKGh8DY5ARWzFj6UTrGEznA_VOPxtU08sLv_fe-DRaffpbqbXchkl12AspIVtVdaukAt1u7OEbxRTHMAe-GfYbH10zNv2FntWKy4eVGT6MB4GM0UIM75KJKh1lwMWqefsbb_sJLauO9lM=s0-d-e1-ft#http://vizedhtmlcontent.next.ecollege.com/pub/content/19d4abd8-4df8-474b-9a37-0a5615e6b0ed/skinner2a.jpg” \d����

I will use the following scale to grade your homework assignment:



Showed thorough understanding of topic as reflected in answer�


Answers were insightful�


Correct application of behavioral theory and/or concepts�


Grammar and spelling�


Total Points�


Learning Theory: Skinner and Bandura – Journal

The journal is your opportunity to relate the theories of personality that we have investigated to your own life. Select one of the theories examined this week and write a brief description of how this applies to your own personality.

Your journal entry does not need to be lengthy; one paragraph is sufficient. Be sure to use correct terminology and specifically address which theory you are using and how it relates. The point of the journal is to allow you to reflect on the value or utility of different theories, thus there is no “right” answer.

Please submit your entry via the “journal” located in the dropbox. Your journal entry is due atmidnight on Sunday.�

� INCLUDEPICTURE “https://ci3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/DAWekSTRdNCYi8bf0GEr1yG2JyVQf-Eic8b62OOCvfSINBe6J2ElNItTXQHut53PzZ7zlYk7uKBpuIM_D6xazcnkHbGA9b_0wXyvn85HkV23IxLul2sjD4R3Fwaviq-h3aRR_Z7QHbSK-fINJTtu9uajP2vY8asz4sLwFXyNCMk=s0-d-e1-ft#http://vizedhtmlcontent.next.ecollege.com/pub/content/bfec917c-a341-4f37-b3ff-c1c65d159c35/academics4a.jpg” \d����

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