Assignment: Agenda Comparison  Grid

Assignment: Agenda Comparison  Grid

Assignment Agenda Comparison  Grid

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Depression is a mental impairment condition which affects a high percentage of the American population. The paper aims at analyzing the steps taken by the administrations of the current American president compared to the mental healthcare development and strategic implementation initiated by the previous two presidents. The rise in mental impairment has drastically risen over the past decades and implementation of sustainable strategies should be prioritized to enhance proper diagnosis and treatment.

Agenda Comparison Grid and Fact Sheet or Talking Points Brief Assignment Template for Part 1 and Part 2

Part 1: Agenda Comparison Grid

Use this Agenda Comparison Grid to document information about the population health/healthcare issue your selected and the presidential agendas. By completing this grid, you will develop a more in depth understanding of your selected issue and how you might position it politically based on the presidential agendas.

You will use the information in the Part 1: Agenda Comparison Grid to complete the remaining Part 2 and Part 3 of your Assignment.

Identify the Population Health concern you selected. 

Mental Health (Depression) Issues

Describe the Population Health concern you selected and the factors that contribute to it. Mental health has various sources and effects in healthcare. Depression is a leading mental health issue that has been adversely witnessed over the past decades and amount to adversarial health effects in the long run if care is not established. Depression affects the thinking, actions and feelings of persons depending on the capacity of strain and stress. Loss of importance to issues that were ones prioritized by an individual and persistent sadness sensations are the characteristics related to depression. Bereavement, property and job loss are some of the causes of depression as illustrated by scholars. The impacts of depression on physical and emotional complications leads to irregularities at the work place and home. Research indicates that approximately 9 million of the American population are depressed as a result of various factors thus initiative remedies must be introduced in health care (Jellineck, 2017). Social, genetic features, environmental features, alteration of brain tissues and physiological effects are some of the adverse effects related to depression. Reduction of interest, fatigue, worthless feelings, change in appetite and mood are noticeable attributes prescribed as depression symptoms.




Administration (President Name)President TrumpPresident ObamaPresident Bush
Describe the administrative agenda focus related to this issue for the current and two previous presidents.·         The administration under Donald Trump has implemented notable changes on the improvement of the American healthcare.

·         Most advisory statements on mental illness are often quoted from the speeches delivered by president Trump.

·         Scholars indicate that Trump addressed concerns on behavioral and mental health issues in his speech on the 1st of May 2019 where he declared of his administrations tireless and future urge in the provision of mental care remedies. Donald Trump has impacted mental care through the provision of psychotherapy, housing, medication and food to the affected citizens.

·         The implementation of the Affordable Care Act, which was initiated by the Obama administration has efficiently assisted the American citizens (Tabak et al, 2015). Mentally impaired citizens suffering from depression were given affordable health services.

·         Signing and actualization of Frank Melville Supportive Housing Investment Act (FMSHIA) was implemented by Obama regime in 2010. Obama further implemented housing resource avenues to depressed and mentally impaired patients.

·         The signing and implementation of MIOTCRA (Mentally Ill Offender Treatment and Crime Reductions Act) was administered by George W Bush. This was aimed at providing amicable regulations and judicial actions against offenders.

·         Freedom Commission appointment and administration on Mental health was also introduced by the administration in enhancing better health conditions.

Identify the allocations of financial and other resources that the current and two previous presidents dedicated to this issue.·         Allocation of $15 million to mentally impaired patients under AST (Assertive Community Treatment) was introduced by president Trump in 2019.


·         500 million USD was proposed by president Obama in 2016 to assist in the accessibility and improvement of mental health care (Jellineck, 2017).·         The Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS) was proposed to attain an increment of $212,000 in 2003 by President George Bush.
Explain how each of the presidential administrations approached the issue.·         Trump administration has impacted minimal changes in healthcare and related fields. However, there are few notable changes administered but there still needs radical and extensive resource allocations in healthcare. President Trump is regarded as the first to host and promote mental health issues summit on the various means of regulating the occurrence of mental issues held at the Whitehouse. In addition, InCK (Integrated Care for Kids) aimed at assisting mentally impaired children was introduced and initiated by President Trump.·         Positive and notable changes in healthcare were implemented by President Barrack Obama and his administration. Mentally ill patients have highly benefited from the Affordable Care Unit, which gives provisions of rational and beneficial policies to the patients. People with different financial status would access the healthcare facilities due to the reduced costs and availability across different facilities. This acts as one of the frequent stated achievements of the administration of Obama.·         The administration of President Bush initiated policies that would be effectively used by the next regime. Improvement of healthcare and Obamacare are evidence of the foundation laid down by George Bush. In addition, the prohibition against the discrimination of the mentally ill patients under the American with Disability Act was established (Jellineck, 2017).


Part 2: Agenda Comparison Grid Analysis


Using the information you recorded in Part 1: Agenda Comparison Grid, complete the following to document information about the population health/healthcare issue your selected


Administration (President Name)President TrumpPresident ObamaPresident Bush
Which administrative agency would most likely be responsible for helping you address the healthcare issue you selected?


Depression can be effectively managed through NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) if proper administration and planning is initiated. NIMH provides solutions to metal impairment and strives to instil prevention and cure remedies to patients. The mission of NIMH is the provision of awareness and treatment to patients suffering from mental disorders (Turale, 2019).


Medicaid Service Provision and CMS (Center for Medicare) would be the best under Obama since it gives detailed services to mentally impaired patients in US under governmental Department of Health Services. Public and private institutions offering mental health assistance fall under the health board in regulating their eligibilities and operationsThe creation and introduction of Freedom Commission by George Bush was meant to undertake research and study on mental health issues within the American territories. The recommendations issued by the agency in 2003 required improvement and adjustments in addressing the depression issues and adequate provision of remedies.
How do you think your selected healthcare issue might get on the agenda for the current and two previous presidents? How does it stay there?The improvisation of better and modern facilities in Obamacare and other mental health departments by Trump has improved service delivery and treatment. However, the current insurance policies provide negative effects to patients suffering from depression and other mental impairment illnesses (Turale, 2019). The prioritization of mental impairment agenda by Trump due to the various shooting occurrences have enhanced the health laws and services.Equal and effective opportunities to healthcare was an agenda portrayed by the Obama administration in the improvement and provision of better and affordable healthcare treatment. The mentally impaired were provided with affordable and low insurance policies through Obama administration thus enhancing cheap and reliable medical care services.The fight against the use of illegal drugs was mostly actualized during George Bush regime. He valued the facilitation of better healthcare and therefore provided adjustments in healthcare through financial assistance.
Who would you choose to be the entrepreneur/ champion/sponsor of the healthcare issue you selected for the current and two previous presidents?The expression of concern and need to improve healthcare has been witnessed in Donald Trump administration through various avenues such as religious leaders. Depression being a mental condition affects a significant proportion of the American citizens and effective strategies should be improvised in healthcare. Given that Trump listens more to Evangelicals, they would be best placed to advocate for the matter.President Obama played a significant role in changing and improving the healthcare conditions and regulations. During his time, lobby groups would play an integral role in championing the issues.The creation of a health research body by George Bush initiated improvement healthcare avenues and as such, they would sponsor the matter in the administration. In addition, the mentally impaired patients had access to better and affordable healthcare.


Narrative with the Facts

Legislative inclusion of depression as a priority agenda should be embraced by the relevant legislators due to the

Assignment Agenda Comparison  Grid
Assignment Agenda Comparison  Grid

problems initiated by the disease in the United States of America. Depression is one of the health hazards with a significant effect on the American population. Research indicates that there are numerous depression cases that lack actual diagnosis procedures. In addition, some diagnosed cases fail to attain treatment due to lack of financial abilities and ignorance (Schwarzenberg & Georgieff, 2018). Therefore, rules and regulations in healthcare formulated by legislators on healthcare would improve on the diagnosis and treatment procedures of depression. Mental healthcare has a huge gap despite the creation of medical strategies by previous governmental regimes. Improved means of conducting research on mental impairment particularly depression should be introduced within the various healthcare bodies in attaining better and reliable solutions.

Doctors, nurses and other health practitioners have the mandate and right in the improvement of metal healthcare through formulations of advanced policies and provision of quality services to the patients (Staebler et al., 2017). Experiences witnessed by the health practitioners should act as referral sources of data and information in enhancing the provision of improved and adequate mental solutions to the patients. In addition, the transfer of knowledge of the patient’s condition to the immediate family members and preferable handling mechanism should be addressed by nurses as one of treatment improvement strategies.



Early and immediate diagnosis of mental conditions is a key element in treating and minimizing further mental complications. Depression is effectively treatable but ranges with the various stages of the patients. Consequently, early detection of depression leads to timely diagnosis and treatment which also reflects on the cost of treatment.



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